The Morning Coffee – 25 November 2013

Top stories this morning include a look at Apple's discomfort over the more, shall we say, colorful graphic novels (link), an analysis of the Australian Kindle Store (link), a look at a successful iPad program (link), and a rebuttal to the idea that everything is a remix (link).I especially want to call your attention to the post which rebuts the Bechdel test (link). This article has nothing to do with ebooks but it is absolutely worth reading. Now that that informal test has gone PC it's time to consider the bias built into the test.

  • The 8 Most Influential People in E-Book Single Publishing (The HuffPost)
  • Are Comics Too Hot For Apple? (PW)
  • Aussie Amazon oi oi oh dear (Patrick O'Duffy)
  • The Bechdel test: Application, historical context, and introducing a male equivalent (
  • Book Publishing's Dirty Secret: Fact-Checking Is Basically Non-Existent (Media Matters for America)
  • Crunching the real costs of Google Books’ library of everything (The Globe and Mail)
  • Everything is not a remix (Medium)
  • The Evolution of e-publishing: Why India has lagged behind in adapting eBooks (DNA)
  • iPads In Schools | A Case Study, Part 1: Genesis and Launch (TeleRead)
  • No, Mike Shatzkin did NOT say that publishing is spiraling down the drain (The Shatzkin Files)

And in the second part of today's post I have an argument in favor of paying more than slave wages for ebook formatting and conversion services (link), a plea for more illustrations  in more than kid's books (link), an argument against DRM in HTML (link), and two different posts on copyright (link, link).

  • No to DRM in HTML (Jens O. Meiert)
  • A Push for Legalizing Book Piracy (The CITE)
  • We are the margin scribblers, Part 2 (The Literary Platform)
  • What's a professional publisher, anyway? (Caveat Lector)
  • Why don’t books for grown-ups have illustrations any more? (Telegraph)
  • Why Even Doctor Who Has Trouble Following Copyright (TorrentFreak)
  • Why You Should Be Paying More Than $50 For Ebook Formatting & Conversion (Indie Author)
  • Zite Updates iOS App To Integrate Airdrop & Smoother Sharing (ReadWrite)

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  1. So now you are stooping to trolling to get pageviews?

    The article about the Bechdel test is blindingly stupid. The dude is so caught up in justifying his 1950’s America view of reality that he doesn’t even understand the point of the Bechdel test. His position seems to be that interesting things, the stuff that makes stories worth telling, only happen to men or women who do mannish things, like killing monsters.

    I grew up in the American South. This guy reminds me of the “Lost Cause” folks who venerate the culture of the antebellum South. Pseudo-scientific justification for his privilege? Check. Identification of his position with beauty, culture, and stability? Check. Complete lack of empathy? Check. Apocalyptic thinking? Check. The unmitigated gall to tell people who feel oppressed that they should be grateful for the oppression? Check.

    I love a lot of movies that fail the Bechdel test, but I have enough sense to realize that the test says something about the POV of most movies. Talking to someone of the same gender about something other than the other gender, in and of itself, says nothing about gender roles. So why is it that so few movies fail the opposite Bechdel test? Can you name a movie that doesn’t have two male characters who talk to each other about something other than women? I am sure there must be some.

    Let’s turn this back to ebooks. How do ebooks do on the Bechdel test?

    • “Let’s turn this back to ebooks. How do ebooks do on the Bechdel test?”

      You don’t think the exact same 3 point test could be applied to books? I think it’s clearly applicable, although it would go to a strange place.

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