Intel Reportedly Buys Basis, One of the More Buzzworthy Wearables Startups

Reportsbasis_model_270x378[1] are circulating this week that Intel has bought Basis, a maker of fitness wearables. There's no confirmation from either Intel or Basis, but the reported price was somewhere between $100 million and $150 million.

For those who aren't following all of the news in the wearables market, Basis makes wristwatch health trackers, and it was one of the hotter names this year at CES. They got positive coverage left, right, and center, which may have been why Intel may have snapped them up.

TBH, we don't even know at this point that the firm was for sale much less that it had been sold, but TechCrunch says Basis has been negotiating for the past several weeks to either sell out or raise another round of funding. The company, which was founded in March 2011, had raised $32 million so far from Norwest Venture PartnersMayfield Fund and Intel Capital.


It is true that Intel showed a lot of interest in wearables at CES 2014; they showed off a number of wearable prototypes at the show, including a headpiece, smartwatch, a onesie with integrated sensors, and (my favorite) a PC inside an SD card. So it would logical next step for Intel to have outbid everyone and acquired Basis.

If this story is true then suddenly there's a new competitor in the market, joining Qualcomm (whose tech was developed internally), Google (they bought a smartwatch company), Motorola (a long time competitor), Sony, and Samsung.

Did you notice the name that was missing from that list? It's Microsoft. Isn't it rather curious that Microsoft didn't buy Basis? After all, thanks to Kinect MS has at least a passing interest in wearables as well as the sensor tech that Basis has developed.

Do you suppose that Intel and Microsoft are quietly collaborating on wearables? I don't know that they are but it would make sense, I think.

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