The Morning Coffee – 20 May 2014

Top stories this morning include a satirical take on, well, you just have to read it (link), how censorship killed the early golden age of comics (link), more problems with speed reading apps (link), translation issues at AmazonCrossing (link), and more.

  • How Censors Killed The Weird, Experimental, Progressive Golden Age Of Comics (Buzzfeed)
  • I'm Gilligan Mothafucka (On Public Relations)
  • Kobo Reviews Coming Soon… (YOURS IN STORYTELLING...)
  • Luxembourg is not France, and other reasons why French translators are right to be mad at AmazonCrossing (MobyLives)
  • One-Third Of Hungarians Do Not Care Whether They Read Books Legally Or Illegally (Daily News Hungary)
  • Publishers Weekly Gets Into the Self-Publishing Business (GalleyCat)
  • Speed Reading App Disadvantages (Business Insider)
  • University Presses: “Under Fire” or Just Under the Gun (Like the Rest of Us)? (The Scholarly Kitchen)

5 thoughts on “The Morning Coffee – 20 May 2014

  1. The buzzfeed article is a great read but it overstates the importance of the CCA.
    It deprecates the impact of underground comics and indies. And projects like MILESTONE. As bad as all the stuff he points out was (and still is) there is more to american comics than DC and Marvel. And more to their blandness than the long gone CCA. (I think being part of giant media conglomerates based in NYC might have just a wee bit to do with it.)

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