The Morning Coffee – 4 June 2014

Most of the must-read stories this Wednesday morning  focus on Amazon and Hachette, but not all. You might also want to read about the possibility that Judge Cote has been asked to skip the damages trial and issue a summary judgement against Apple (link) or the Seattle indie which is promising to hand-deliver JK Rowling's new novel (link).

  • Apple Damages Trial Delayed Again (PW)
  • Hachette vs. Amazon: Big publishers messed up, small publishers rejoice, and ordinary people don’t care « (TeleRead)
  • In the fight over ebook pricing, why Amazon is not the bully (Len Sherman's Blog)
  • Let’s go Amazon Bashing! (madgeniusclub)
  • Seattle indie bookstore jabs at Amazon, promises to hand-deliver J.K. Rowling's new novel (GeekWire)
  • Self Publishing With Nook Press And Marketing To Nook Customers (The Creative Penn)
  • Why Amazon Is Battling Book Publishers — in Three Charts (

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  1. The TIME piece is disappointing. It starts by looking at Amazon’s stock price and “slowing” revenue growth, jumps to the undocumented assertion that Amazon is trying to squeeze more money out of Hachette (what? did Hachette flatly deny they’re trying to restore agency?), and ends with the “books are special” baloney. And Gladwell? Really? I’ve read Gladwell. Not. Special.

    Waste of time that one: pretty charts supporting empty handwaving.
    Until somebody speaks on the record we know nothing meaningful about why they’re fighting.

  2. It’s Wednesday. 🙂

  3. Close enough for everyone else who read the post before me, yes. 🙂

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