The Morning Coffee – 22 July 2014

The reading list this Tuesday morning includes a debate over the plans of the ridiculous Authors United group, an unhinged response to Kindle Unlimited, a chart of all the publishing industry acquisitions since the beginning of the year, a fisking of The Guardian's report about Author Earnings, libraries fighting bed bugs in books, and more.

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7 Comments on The Morning Coffee – 22 July 2014

  1. “To my RSS feed and email readers: Yes, this is an excerpt.”


  2. “Unhinged response” is about right.
    Amazon offers a subscription service for contemporary commercial fiction, mostly indie, and he rants about online PD libraries.
    Non sequitor much, ya think?

    KU, like most of what Amazon does, seems to turn off the frontal lobes of many people, who keep projecting weirdness into what is, essentially, an experiment.

  3. Really a shame ’bout the “unhinged” article’s title, lot of good points. Comment crowd kinda rowdy, so much appeal to her audience 🙂

    Joes’s piece “Unlimited subscriptions: Five things you need to know” is super. Very short and very worth the read. Great points.

    Thanks Nate!

  4. Authors United? A small group of authors claiming to speak for all other authors? Who’s starting the pool on when The Authors Guild starts badmouthing Authors United for stealing their thunder?

  5. My skin is still crawling from the bedbug article.

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