John Paczkowski: Apple Plans to Announce Wearable in September

iwatch_def1This blogger has long argued that there simply wasn't enough evidence to prove that Apple is about to launch a wearable, but I am definitely in the minority.

Update: Paczkowski 's reversed himself, and is now saying that the new Apple wearable will be launching next month but won't be coming until next year.

That's why I tend to pay attention when leading bloggers make proclamations that the birth of the jesusWatch is imminent. Yesterday, for example, John Paczkowski said that Apple would be launching their wearable in 12 days:

Remember back in June when I said Apple hoped to schedule a special event in October to show off a new wearable device? Remember how I also said this: “Could things change between now and fall? That’s certainly possible.” Turns out that was a prescient hedge, because things have changed. Apple now plans to unveil a new wearable alongside the two next-generation iPhones we told you the company will debut on September 9. (Funny “joke,” Gruber.) 

Paczkowski is often cited as someone who is in the know, and thus can be relied upon for accurate info, which is why I'm posting his speculation today. Even though I still hold to the position that there simply isn't enough evidence to show that Apple is about to launch an iWatch, I could be wrong.

I've run Paczkowski's claim through the accounting system that doubles for my sense of humor (it's built on Peachtree / Sage 50), and it still comes up short.  But that could be a failure of the system, and not the claim, so we'll have to wait and see exactly what Apple reveals on 9 September before we know for sure.

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