Twelve24 Launches Kickstarter Project to Fund a $600 E-ink Wall Clock

ClockONE_04_gallery[1]When it comes to crowd funded hardware projects, there are some which you know will succeed because the creators have a history (the InkCase Plus), others that you know won't succeed (the FusionWriter), and ones which you hope will succeed simply because the idea is cool (the Earl back-country tablet).The ClockOne from Twelve24 is definitely in that latter category.

Initially revealed at CES 2014 in January, the ClockOne is a one-of-a-kind wall clock which measures almost a meter wide but is only 5mm thin. It uses segmented E-ink displays to recreate on a large scale what an LED clock does on your nightstand:


Thanks to its use of E-ink screen tech, the ClockOne is visible from almost every angle, offering a wider viewing angle that anything short of the best LCD and LED screens (unless you're in the dark). And due to the low power requirements of E-ink screens, the ClockOne is powered by a single battery which is specced to run for up to a year. This saves owners from having to run an unsightly power cord, or replace the battery frequently.

This clock was supposed to go up for pre-order in September, but it popped up on Kickstarter today. Twelve24 is seeking to raise $200,000 in order to mass-produce their clock. Backers who contribute $500 or more can pre-order a ClockOne in any of 5 colors (white blue, orange, pink, or moss), and early bird backers also have the option of ordering a white ClockOne for only $400.

I haven't ordered one myself (that $400 is more than I can afford to spend on a clock) but a lot of people are. The campaign started today and it's already raised $20, 000 in a matter of hours.


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  1. I don’t like the color scheme. Numbers are hard to read as contrast is low between the colors.

    Btw, Are you going to cover Hanvon E930 eReader?

  2. +$150 shipping to the rest of the world?

    That lets me out.

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