The Morning Coffee – 27 February 2015

7605756464_3266e75ced[1]Here are 6 stories to read this Monday morning.

Yes, it's Monday. I've used my nefarious supervillian powers to erase the weekend. Bwahahaha!

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    • I should forward you the email where I was yelled at for linking to TPV and not the source. The HuffPost piece is another example of the debate being better than the source article.

      • Honestly, the commentary is the best reason to read The Passive Voice. I’ve heard people ding Passive Guy for mostly posting only excerpts and very little in the way of content, but that misses the point that the site is about original commentary. Kind of like with somebody like Mike Shatzkin; you can skip his posts in favor of the commentary at TPV.

        It unfortunately creates an effect that appears in ways to be a sort of echo chamber, but the problem is that corporate publishing isn’t really doing anything to address the extant problems within the system; it’s happier instead to try to maintain the status quo while convincing everyone that’s the way it should be. Publishing is changing every day, but corporate folks are too focused on stuff like “platforms” and “YouTube celebrities” and “curation” and how business has always been done to meaningfully influence publishing’s bright future.

        I think the other problem is calling it a “debate,” which to me implies two reasonable sides. Instances like the HuffPo article aren’t a “debate”; it’s more like climate change, where there’s legit scientific research and fact, and then there are deniers. The HuffPo article is the publishing equivalent of the antivax movement.

        • The commentary is the only reason to read it; it’s often better than the source. (PG is insightful but he doesn’t write often.)

          • He’s like the bartender in the classic (SF) fictional bars. 😉

            TPV is a discussion group, not a news site. The excerpts are to drive discussion. Results in some awesome snark fests and loads of great quotes.

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