Morning Coffee – 10 March 2015

14028754235_101ae7d96a_m[1]Here are 8 stories to read this Tuesday morning.

  • ‘Calvin and Hobbes’: America’s Most Profound Comic Strip ( WSJ)
  • Copyranter: Digital is destroying all creativity (Digiday)
  • Elsevier Appears To Be Slurping Up Open Access Research, And Charging People To Access It (Techdirt)
  • Open Source Textbook Study: Students Save Substantial Sums (Curriki's Blog)
  • Search Is So 2014 (The Scholarly Kitchen)
  • This Beijing Subway Now Has A Library Of Free E-Books For Passengers (FastCo)
  • Unequal shelves in D.C. school libraries benefit wealthier students (The Washington Post)
  • Update: Lawsuit Against Author Solutions Inc. (Writer Beware)

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3 Comments on Morning Coffee – 10 March 2015

  1. Digital hasn’t destroyed creativity. The signal to noise ratio is roughly the same. Digital has merely served as an amplifier for the whole system.

    • Indeed. I thought that one was wrong. The original videos on Youtube alone are enough to show that.

      • Now, there *might* be some truth to the stagnation of originality in the advertising field, but I think that’s a largely cyclical thing and probably also not attributable to digital media.

        Of course, the irony there is that whole article was produced by a copywriter in the ad industry. By all accounts, if there’s a deficiency of original ideas in that field, he’s one of the few people in a position that could change that.

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