ReadThisNext Wants to Help Authors Help You Find Your Next Great Read

ReadThisNextIn addition to being the font of book ambrosia, authors are also often the source of other nifty info (I follow one author for his posts on gun miscellany). ReadThisNext want to capitalize on this connecting readers with authors who can suggest their next read.

An underfunded Kickstarter campaign crossed my desk this week for ReadThisNext, an app with a laudable goal of helping readers discover their next book by taking suggestions from authors and sharing them with readers.

Do you know how authors often recommend books on Twitter Facebook, Goodreads, their blogs, and publisher sites like

That's what ReadThisNext wants to do.

As you can tell from the way I introduced the app, I think it's redundant. There's no app quite like it, but there are other ways to fill the same need. Furthermore, readers have no shortage of ways to discover their next book, so I don't see a reason to launch yet another app to complicate things.

Then again, I would say the same about most new discovery tools, so that dismissal could be just as much an sign of burnout as a valid point.

If you think I'm wrong, the developers of ReadThisNext have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to develop a mobile app. They say that they've already built most of the back end, and just need the funds to develop the mobile app:

We spent the last six months working with publishers to integrate their data feeds and adding blurbs to our database. Our web app allows users to view blurbs by book or author and follow authors to get updates on new books and blurbs.


Dani's done about 97% of the web development work so far, and Elisha manages outreach and publisher relationships, so we need help specifically with design and iOS. We'll also need a developer to turn our existing app into an API so the functionality will work equally well in iOS and web, including mobile web — so Android users can use it too.

I've browsed the site but there's nothing there other than a link to Kickstarter, so I can't verify any of this. But I did notice that the developers posted this video yesterday:

If that looks interesting, head on over to Kickstarter and back the campaign. They're trying to raise $25,000, and have so far raised just over four thousand dollars.

As for me, I'm just going to let authors recommend books by going to where they currently hang out online and listening to what they have to say (no app required).

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