Australian Parents are Angry at McDonald’s Over Books

15072194361_1736424eed_bMany group have protested McDonald's over the years, complaining about its unhealthy foods, the environmental impact, and the litter left by its customers. Now there's a group that is protesting the retailer's literacy program.

McDonald's  has given away books in kids meals in the US, UK, Portugal, and other countries to generally positive responses, but they're not getting a similar response in Australia.

The Herald Sun reports that a parenting group has objected to the books and ebooks that McDonald's is giving away. Yes, this group is angry over books:

Children’s health advocacy group The Parents’ Jury is calling for the Advertising Standards Bureau to end the fast food giant’s Happy Readers promotion. The group is concerned about the promotion’s app, which rewards children under seven with free books when they buy a Happy Meal, saying it is fostering unhealthy eating habits. The Parents’ Jury campaigns manager, Alice Pryor, said kids would need to eat 23 Happy Meals in just eight weeks in order to collect the full range of books on offer.

It seems that this group of parents is finding the act of parenting is an insurmountable task in the face of an unhealthy fast food meal that happens to include a book. "As a parent it’s a lot harder to say “no” to your child if they are asking for a book than it is when they want a minions toy," Pryor said.

I really don't know what to say to that, other than to suggest that if the books are weakening your resolve so much, then buy them separately. Or maybe buy other books. But to blame McDonald's for your failings as a parent, now that is just ridiculous.


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2 Comments on Australian Parents are Angry at McDonald’s Over Books

  1. I’m thinking these books are available elsewhere for purchase. Just buy the books and stop looking for idiot reasons to complain. Get a life.

  2. The Herald Sun is a Sunday only tabloid.

    This is a tame story for the tabloids down here. Like everywhere else, we have the usual smattering of wacko advocacy groups, of which is an example.

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