Kindle Firmware 5.8.5 Adds Faster Page Turns for Comic Books, Manga (video)

kindle-paperwhite-5-8-5-updateWhen Amazon launched the new Kindle Paperwhite Manga model yesterday, they touted that it was faster at reading manga than the current model.

The improvement came not from new hardware but from a firmware update which was also released yesterday. It's now available for all current Kindle models, including (according to a report at MobileRead) the second-gen Kindle Paperwhite (PW2).

You can find the update via the software updates page on, or wait for your Kindle to be updated automatically.

Here’s the changelog for the 5.8.5 update. In addition to the manga, Amazon also tweaked the settings menu and the library menu.

  • Improved Manga Experience: Reading manga on Kindle has been improved with faster page turns, zoom, and panning around a page. You can also press and hold for fast, continuous page turns.
  • Redesigned Settings Menu: Settings have been refreshed with an easier-to-use design.
  • Library View Improvement: Books that were manually loaded to your device will now appear in both the All and Downloaded library views.

Sometimes Amazon oversells the improvements, but in this case they are actually understating the changes.

As you can see in the following video, the new software is a heck of a lot faster.

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  1. It is nice the second generation Paperwhite is still updated, since it is three years old now.

  2. It is not clear that comic book page turns have improved. In particular they do not seem to have the continuous page turn feature. Which is odd since they share the same format. Perhaps defining Panel View (typical for comics but not for manga) disables continuous page turn. Manga have something called ‘virtual panel view’ where successive quadrants of each page are presented in ‘S’ (r to l) rather than ‘Z’ (left to right) pattern.

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