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Think Amazon is Your Friend? You Might Have Amazon Infatuation Syndrome

6391972911_e3b3a4f8ab_z[1]Last night Amazon posted their third official statement in the ongoing contract dispute with Hachette, and like their first statement the open letter posted last night is proving to be an effective tactical PR maneuver.

The letter, which you can read over here, said that Amazon only wanted a 30% commission from sales of Hachette ebooks, and that Amazon was fighting with Hachette over whether the ebooks would be expensive or cheap. The statement goes on to lay out the math to justify lower ebook prices, and then it concludes with the idea that authors should get 35% of the sale price of an ebook. Continue reading

Kindle for iOS v4.4 Update Adds Syncing and Navigation Improvements

kindle itunes logoAmazon rolled out a new update today for their bastion against the tyranny of Apple. The new version of the Kindle app for iPad and iPhone gains several feature, including ones which have been requested by users.

The app now supports the new syncing behavior which was added to the Kindle Paperwhite last week; it now syncs to the last page read and not the furthest page read.  Continue reading

New Kindle Fire 8.9 Tablet Leaks on Benchmark Site, Sports a Snapdragon 805 CPU

new kindle fire hdx 8.9The benchmarking site Antutu revealed this morning that they have discovered the first evidence of Amazon’s next tablet. A new set of benchmark test results were posted to the site which describe an 8.9″ Kindle Fire tablet with a Snapdragon 805 CPU, suggesting that the new tablet is going to be a slight upgrade to the existing model. Continue reading

Do You Know Dutch or Russian? Amazon is Seeking Translators for Kindle Apps

3862179845_bea6e906c6_z[1]Job listings on the Amazon website have revealed that the retail giant is hiring translators who can localize the Kindle hardware and apps for the Dutch and Russian ebook markets.

The job listings call for a self-directed individual who is fluent in one or the other language and has at least “5+ years of demonstrated” experience in translating software from English to either Russian or Dutch. Continue reading

Fire Phone Teardown Doesn’t Inspire Me to Buy One, But I Would Buy a Kindle Fire 3D Tablet

amazon fire phone 1iFixit has already got their hands on the Fire Phone (before it was supposed to ship) and they’ve posted their usual teardown photos.  This is one complicated phone.

When Amazon officially unveiled the Fire Phone with its 6 cameras, we all guessed that it would be more complicated internally than your average smartphone and it turns out that’s true. From the outside it may look like a slim black slab, internally the iFixit team found a veritable mess of cables, connectors, and glue. Continue reading

Comixology to Offer DRM-free Comics

comixology mobileComixology has just confirmed the rumor I reported yesterday; they are adding an option for DRM-free comics. At the “Ask Me Anything” panel Thursday afternoon, co-founder and CEO David Steinberger confirmed the rumor, saying “We’re excited to make this DRM-free backup option available to our customers and publishers today”. Continue reading

New Authors Group to Add Pressure to Amazon in Dispute With Hachette

4926598654_981f0fea9e_z[1]Move over, The Authors Guild, you have new competition in the castigating Amazon department.

A new authors advocacy group is coalescing around Douglas Preston, the author of one of the open letters to Amazon. Called Authors United, the group plans to pressure Amazon to resolve the ongoing contract dispute with Hachette. Continue reading

Amazon Fire Phone Review Roundup

firephonetilt-140x259[1]Amazon’s first smartphone starts arriving tomorrow, and late last night the gags were removed from all of the early reviews. All of the major tech and business blogs got a Fire Phone, resulting in an excess of reviews.

I’m still working my way through the reviews but I don’t think very many of the reviewers liked the phone. Here are a few of the choicer excerpts. Continue reading