Kindle Unlimited Rumored to Launch in Brazil in Early 2015

1435372_394551098c_m[1]Amazon is expanding Kindle Unlimited in fits and starts, and a new rumor suggests that the next start will be in Brazil.

PublishNews Brazil posted a report that Amazon is negotiating with Brazilian publishers. Well, when is Amazon not negotiating with publishers, but in the case of this rumor Amazon is reportedly negotiating to sign publishers to Kindle Unlimited. Continue reading

Amazon Signs 17-Year Lease for Office And Retail Space in Manhattan

bezos bath and beyondRemember that report last month that Amazon was going to open their first store in Manhattan, the one which I could not find any evidence of earlier this week?

Well, Amazon’s new landlord has revealed in a press release that Amazon is indeed leasing space at 7 West 34th Street, only it’s not (just) space for a retail store. Amazon is renting 470,000 square feet, which is the entire building at that address. Continue reading

Amazon Starts Black Friday a Week Early

kindle fire hd 6 7 2014I hope you haven’t maxed out your credit card yet this year, because Amazon wants to sell you stuff.

To start, Amazon is still offering that $20 off sale on the Fire HD 7 that began yesterday. This tablet sports Amazon’s latest Fire OS, a quad-core CPU, and a pair of cameras. All in all it’s a great tablet, and just about all it’s missing is Google Play and a card slot. Continue reading