Amazon Can Deliver a Book in an Hour in Manhattan

prime-now[1]Amazon is working to eliminate one of the last differences between books and ebooks: immediacy. On Thursday the retailer launched Prime Now, a service which promises delivery in an hour or less.

First reported last week, the service is only available in select parts of Manhattan (map), and only to Amazon Prime subscribers. For a mere $8 a Prime member can pay to get one of tens of thousands of items (including books) delivered within an hour. Continue reading

Amazon Declares War on the Hyphen, Could the Semicolon be Next?

12115306_e839b0a22a_m[1]Amazon strives to always be responsive to customer requests, but they also like to reduce costs by making their staff stick to scripts whenever possible, and sometimes this can result in absurd situations.

Graeme Reynolds recounted one such situation yesterday. At the request of a customer, Amazon has declared hyphenated words verboten in the Kindle Store: Continue reading

Amazon Announces Best-Selling Books of 2014

81b6KKuWQ3L[1]With the year drawing to a close, everyone from Google to Apple has been posting of their best selling titles for 2014. Yesterday Amazon published their list.

Since this is a single combined list for both print and digital, there's not much of a chance that you'll find indie titles on it. The market is still primarily print, which is still dominated by traditional publishers. In fact there is but a single indie title on this list: The Fixed Trilogy by Laurelin Paige. Continue reading

Amazon May Have “a Serious eBook Theft Problem”, But They’re Not Alone

3607882912_b8b9b64756_m[1] reported yesterday that Amazon has the same piracy problem as many content services:

It would appear as though Amazon has a problem with author accounts being used to steal books and resell them under another name, as Kindle Direct Publishing users discover a single author with 37 titles under their belt. The one thing they all seem to have in common is that the author labeled as the creator of the ebook had absolutely nothing to do with its creation. Continue reading