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Traditionally Published Books May Benefit More From Kindle Unlimited Than Indie Titles, But That’s Not a Bad Thing

4340980647_3237664cc3_o[1]Kindle Unlimited may have only launched on Friday but it’s already having an affect on the Kindle Store rankings. A check of the Kindle Store “paid” best seller list this morning has revealed that 45 of the top 100 titles on the list were included in Kindle Unlimited. Continue reading

Kindle Paperwhite Update v5.4.5 Adds New PDF Features, Book-Buying Options

Kindle_Paperwhite_35438287_35437744_35438313_35438312_02_620x433[1]Amazon is rolling out a new update for their flagship ereader this week which adds a couple nifty features as well as one which might prove more annoying that it is worth.

According to the changelog posted by Amazon, the new update includes three listed features (there could be more, but we’ll have to wait for users to find them). Update you Kindle Paperwhite and it will automatically sync your most recently read latest page across all devices and apps on your Kindle account (whether you want it to or not). Continue reading

Amazon Opens First Pop-Up Store in China

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALittle has been written since Amazon first started deploying pop-up stores in the US last October, but now it appears that they’re not just being used in this market.

Mike Cane has discovered that Amazon is also using pop-up stores in China. The Chinese blog EvoLife broke the news earlier today, reporting that Amazon is installing temporary buildings in cities in China. Continue reading

kindle unlimited

Amazon Launches Kindle Unlimited, Will Take it International in September

Not one to close the barn door after the horse has left, Amazon has sent out a press release this morning announcing the launch of Kindle Unlimited.

With Kindle Unlimited, readers can read as much as they want (but can only have 10 titles at a time) on their Kindle or Kindle app, all for a low price of $10 a month (with a 30 day free trial). I have reports that the service is currently limited to only US customers, but I also have a report which says that will change later this year. Continue reading

Oyster, Scribd Comment on Kindle Unlimited

kindle unlimitedIt’s been just over a day since I broke the news that Amazon had a Netflix style ebook service in the works. We still haven’t gotten a comment from Amazon, but both of Amazon’s smaller competitors have commented on Kindle Unlimited.

The comments are pro forma, but they still say more than the loud silence coming out of Seattle. Continue reading

The Video that Started it All: CBS Head Les Moonves Mentions Negotiations With Amazon

Les_Moonves_at_the_2009_Tribeca_Film_Festival[1]Late last night the WSJ and Reuters broke the story that Simon & Schuster was in negotiations with Amazon for an unnamed reason. They cited CBS CEO Les Moonves as their source, and sparked a whirlwind of coverage.

It’s 12 hours later and we still don’t know any additional details, but I do have something to share. Both the WSJ and Reuters got their story from an interview which Les Moonves gave at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech Conference (which ends today).  The interview was conducted by Fortune’s Adam Lashinsky, and it has been posted to Youtube. Continue reading

Amazon to Launch New eBook Subscription Service Called Kindle Unlimited

kindle unlimitedWord is circulating on Twitter and the KBoards forum  today that Amazon is about to launch a new ebook service.

Kindle Unlimited went live on Friday.

Details are still vague, but at this point I know that about 6 hours ago several authors noticed that there was a new page in the Kindle Store. That page was shortly taken down, but while it was up it was titled Kindle Unlimited, and it offered readers access to a catalog of 600,000 ebook and audiobook titles for $9.99. Thanks, Zara! Continue reading