Authors United Calls for Antitrust Inquiry into Amazon

5534522313_0cd2b9a4a0_b[1]If you haven’t had your daily dose of craziness today then you might want to pay attention to what Authors United is doing.

The Financial Times reports that AU is now working on a letter to the DOJ, asking that Amazon be investigated for antitrust violations. From behind the paywall (just the good bits): Continue reading

Are Scribd and Oyster Losing Customers Left and Right?

kindle unlimitedAmazon may be expanding Kindle Unlimited this morning but reports are coming in that their competitors in the ebook subscription market aren’t doing so well. posted yesterday that one market researcher is seeing a precipitous decline in Scribd and Oyster’s subscriber base (via Google Translate): Continue reading

Amazon to Launch New Crowd Source Platform, Now Recruiting KDP Authors

8579276979_e78536971b_b[1]Here’s a new publishing program from Amazon which is so new that it doesn’t yet have a launch day, URL, or even a name.

Late last week Amazon started sending out emails to KDP authors, informing them of a new program which Amazon plans to launch soon. According to the email, which was forwarded to me by author Angela Kulig and by Amazon’s pr dept, when the new program launches authors will be welcomed to submit their unpublished book to what I would describe as a crowd sourcing program.  Continue reading

Shunned by Publishers, One UK Librarian Proposes an Alliance with Amazon

4377283450_6b89af0bed_z[1]Eeee-vil Amazon might just have a new friend in Great Britain. There’s a new blog post up this morning on the site of Cilip, the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals.

Inspired in part by the launch of Kindle Unlimited last month, the blog post notes that libraries in the UK face a couple serious hurdles that Amazon might help solve: Continue reading