BookIndy Chrome Extension Lets You Shop Amazon (in the UK) for Books and Buy Local

Looking to assuage his guilt for shopping at Amazon, a developer in the UK has released a new Chrome extension which lets you browse and shop a participating local bookstore. Just announced on Medium, BookIndy is so new that its accompanying website is still blank, but the extension itself works well enough. When installed, the… Read More »

New Details Emerge on Audible’s Contract Dispute Over German Audiobooks

When I broke the news on Friday that Audible was sparring with German publishers over audiobook contracts, I had little solid info to report other than Boersenverein, the German book industry trade group, making a threat to file an antitrust complaint. It’s now four days later and new details have emerged. To start, The Bookseller has… Read More »

Is the Kindle App Draining the Battery on Your iPad/iPhone?

With literally months of standby time, Apple’s mobile devices have excellent battery life. Most users will tell you that their iPhone lasts at least a day of heavy usage (the iPad lasts even longer) but lately there have been reports from some users that battery life has dropped significantly. James Kendrick of ZDnet was the first blogger to notice,… Read More »