Does Anyone Know Why Reagent Press is Filing a Class Action Suit Against Amazon?

This afternoon’s news about the latest stage in the ongoing suit against Author Solutions reminded me of another potential lawsuit I have been following. A couple months ago a reader tipped me to the news* that Reagent Press, a small publisher based in the state of Washington, is “seeking class-action participants in a potentially $1B… Read More »

Original Kindle Paperwhite (2012) Update v5.6.1.1 Adds Wordwise, Goodreads

With the new Kindle Paperwhite due to ship next week, Amazon has turned its attention to the older models. Amazon is currently rolling out an update for the three-year-old original Paperwhite. The v5.6.1.1 update doesn’t add the features that will ship on the new Paperwhite next week but it does bring the older model more in… Read More »

Scalzi Says That KDP Select Payment Terms Suck, but He’s Missed Half of the Point

Amazon’s announcement last week that it was changing the payment terms for KDP Select, the program used to supply books to Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Owner’s Lending Library, has caused any number of traditionally published authors and legacy industry pundits to decry the change. John Scalzi, for example, focused solely on the fiscal aspects and… Read More »

It’s Now Illegal to Sell Adult eBooks Before 10 PM in Germany

Germany has just given us a graphic example of what can go wrong when one unthinkingly applies decades old legal concepts to modern web tech. and Boersenblatt reported on Friday and Thursday that the Jugendschutzbehörde (Youth Protection Authority) has handed down a new ruling which extended Germany’s Youth Media Protection Law to include ebooks. As a result of… Read More »