Amazon is Now Pitching Advertising to KDP Select Members

-+*Indie Authors have long paid for advertising to promote their books, and now Amazon is pitching the idea directly. Self Publishing Review reported this morning that Amazon is now pitching pay-per-click advertising to indies with titles in KDP Select: According to the quoted parts of the FAQ, Amazon’s offering to run a targeted ad campaign which… Read More »

Amazon Boosts KDP Select Pool to $5 Million, Adds KDP Select All-Stars Bonus On Top

-+*Amazon still has yet to reveal how many Kindle users have signed up for Kindle Unlimited, but if the KDP Select fund is any indication then the subscriber base must be growing at a steady clip. Amazon announced in the monthly KDP newsletter today that they were boosting the monthly pool for a second time:

Amazon Expands Pre-order Buttons to All KDP Authors

-+*With no fanfare or official announcement, earlier today Amazon quietly gave indie authors a sales feature some had been requesting for the past several years. According to a new page in the KDP help section, authors and publishers who distribute their works through Amazon’s publishing portal can now elect to put their next work up… Read More »