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Amazon is Now Beta Testing an Automated Cover Generator for Kindle eBooks

kindle cover generatorThe cover image for an ebook is important to its success, but it’s also a rather difficult skill to master. Not everyone has the artistic skills to design a good cover, but in the not too distant future that will no longer be a problem.

There’s been no announcement from Amazon, but I have just learned that they are working on a new tool that will help self-pub authors make book covers cheaply, cleanly, and well.

A reader sent me this screen shot earlier today: Continue reading

Amazon Expands 70% Royalty Option to Japan, Brazil – But There’s a Catch

kdp-amazon[1]Here’s an old piece of news that appears to have gone unreported (I missed it at the time, at least).

Remember when Amazon launched the Kindle Store in India, and then started offering the 70% royalty option for any KDP ebooks sold there? That deal came with a catch; in addition to certain pricing restrictions authors and publishers could only take the better terms if they also agreed to put their ebooks into KDP Select and give Amazon an exclusive on the ebooks. Continue reading

What Exactly Does Amazon Mean by “High Risk Publishing Activity”?

It’s time to engage your mind-reading skills, folks; Amazon is sending out cryptic emails again.

A number of my readers are self-published authors so you might have seen one of these, but I just heard about it yesterday. There’s an unresolved but dormant discussion over on KindleBoards. One author reported that shortly after she adjusted the prices of one of her books, Amazon froze the book and posted a notice that it was under review.

After waiting a few days for Amazon to clear up the matter, she sent an email asking WTH was going on and was told this: Continue reading