Hands On With Netronix 13.3″ Android eReader (video)

Destined to be the perennial show floor demo but never the shipped product, Netronix’s 13.3″ Android-powered writing slate made another public appearance this week in Taipei. Charbax caught up with Netronix at Computex a few days ago and shot a video of the latest pre-production model. Like the one I saw at CES 2015, this device is based… Read More »

Creative Commons is Out to Kill the Stock Photos Used on eBook Covers, and They Want Your Help

Here’s one of those brilliant ideas that someone should have come up with years ago. For the past six months Creative Commons has been hard at work on a mobile app called The List. This innocuous sounding app is intended to render stock photo sites obsolete by connecting people who need a photo with smartphone owners who don’t mind… Read More »