It Must be Time for Midterms – CourseSmart is Down

When it 2840195_1c8a95fc6c_m[1]comes to new technology, it's important to remember that there are always upsides and downsides. For example, with digital textbooks there is the downside of not being able to resell the book and recoup the cost, but there is a corresponding upside.

Thanks to digital textbook provider CourseSmart, we now have a new twist on the "my dog ate my homework" excuse. Continue reading

New Legislation Before Congress Teases Free Digital Textbooks, But It Probably Won’t Have Much Effect

As I have2044748271_b809bdf62c[1] written numerous times over the past few years the price of college textbooks have risen past ridiculous into the realm of drug-induced, but it looks like a solution may be in sight. But will it help? I'm not so sure.

According to the Huffington Post, a new bill was introduced into Congress last week: Continue reading

Intel Acquired Kno (for More Than Just Their Digital Textbooks)

The hot Kno logoed tech story of the week is something of a shocker.

Looking to boost their academic division, Intel bought digital textbook provider Kno for an unknown sum. An early report from TechCrunch says that the Kno staff will be integrated into Intel's existing ed tech division - with the exception of the CEO Osman Rashid, who will be leaving the firm. Continue reading

There’s Growing Resistance to Digital Textbook Adoption

3405811164_d49a982c6e[1]Universities and school districts across the US are adopting digital textbooks in droves, but as students use this latest educational panacea more and more are reporting that it does not live up to the hype.

Many of those who are actually using the textbooks are questioning whether there is any real value to digital textbooks or whether older methods will still work better. Continue reading