Comixology is Giving Away a Free Comic Every Day for the Next 3 Weeks

Still ComiXology-Comics-Apptrying to make peace with the many customers put off by Amazon's recent changes to the Comixology iOS app, Comixology launched a free comic book promotion yesterday.

Starting Monday, 26 May, Comixology  is giving away a new free digital comic each day. The promotion is going to run 20 days, and if you act fast you can still get Monday's free comic. The remaining 19 free titles have not been revealed, but we do know that Monday's freebie is a Batman title, Detective Comics #871: Continue reading

5 Sites With Truly Free eBooks

Free ebook sites are so common now that they are not just a dime a dozen, they're a dime a gross. All of the major ebook stores have free ebooks, and you can find even more free (and legal) sites with a simple Google search.

But sometimes I need a site that has ebooks worth reading, doesn't have DRM, and doesn't require an account. And that's why I put together this list of I go to when I need reading material and am in a hurry. Continue reading

Marvel is Giving Away 700 Issue #1 Comics

marvel[1]Marvel is making a big deal over SxSW this week, and it's your lucky day.

For the next couple days they will be giving away 700 different first issues of their various titles and series.You can find the free comics on the Marvel website, or at least you would if it had not crashed. They are also available via comiXology.

This is definitely one worth getting. The selection includes not just the first issues of long running series but also includes a number of standalone titles as well as the first issue of volume in a series. For example, there are free first issues from Book One and Book Two of Ender's Shadow (by Orson Scott Card).

The deal runs through tomorrow.



B&N Launches Free App Fridays – First Free App is OfficeSuite Professional 7

2940043856395_p1_v8_s600[1]Barnes & Noble has long had a limited app store for their Nook media devices, but so far as I know they have never done much to promote it. That changed today.

B&N has just announced that they will be adding a Free App to their Nook Free Friday promotions. Each week B&N will give away a different paid app from the Nook App Store.

Today's free app is OfficeSuite Professional 7. It is the full version of the app and normally retails for $15.

Nook App Store

Amazon is Giving Away 15 Android Apps Today

For the past couple years Amazon has been giving away one free Android app everyday, They've given away everything from junky generic games to expensive office suite apps, and if you've been following the sales like I have you probably have built up an impressive collection of apps. But if you missed the sales then I have some good news for you.

Amazon is having a sale today. They're giving away 15 different apps today, including several that cost $5 to $15. While some of these titles ae unremarkable, this sale also includes OfficeSuite Pro 6,  and Splashtop, a remote desktop app. The total value is around $50, so I would definitely say that this sale is worth a look.

On a related note, I have been tracking each day's free app and post it to an RSS feed. You can also find the free apps on the Appazonia page on this blog.


Author’s eBook Giveaway Runs Afoul of Google Copyright Bots

pythonbookApparently Google has a problem with its ads being posted on sites that “distribute copyrighted materials.” (Never mind that this should mean they shouldn’t have ads on any sites, given that under the law any material that is created is instantly copyrighted to its creator.) Techdirt’s Mike Masnick posts about technical author Cody Jackson, who decided to give away electronically a book he wrote about the Python programming language as a way to give back to the open source community—which resulted in Google disabling AdSense ads on his site because of this violation of its policy.

Puzzled, Jackson pointed out that he is the author and copyright holder of the work in question, and he had explicitly granted permission for this distribution. No dice, Google said. So he removed the links to torrents on Pirate Bay and Demonoid, even though he felt they were still perfectly legitimate…and Google still refused to reinstate ads on his site, apparently because he had the temerity to mention Pirate Bay and Demonoid—but Google won’t actually explain exactly why.

Continue reading

Girl Genius, Catena Cafe, City of Heroes, and the Freemium Model: How Much to Give Away?

gg-omnibusWhat’s the right amount to give away free in order to make money by selling extras? It’s a good question, and it’s one that a lot of digital media struggle with. Though the name is relatively recent, the “Freemium” model has gotten quite popular over the last decade or so. Baen gives away free e-books in order to sell more e-books and print. Webcomic artists have given away their comics online to make money from banner ads and print sales ever since there have been webcomics. Newspapers have been erecting paywalls of varying heights. And more and more computer games have been trying out the model of free to play but pay for upgrades—everything from Facebook games to MMOs.

The freemium model isn’t a panacea. Just today, NCSoft announced it is shuttering Paragon Studios and closing down the City of Heroes MMO—which went freemium a year ago in the hopes of finding a new lease on life—by the end of the year. (Found via Slashdot.) As a long-time City of Heroes player myself, I find it sad to see it go, though I can’t say it’s a surprise given how the player numbers were trending. But even before this happened, I was pondering a remarkable difference in the way a couple of webcomics I read go about it: Girl Genius and Catena Manor/Café.

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