Is the Kindle App Draining the Battery on Your iPad/iPhone?

With literally months of standby time, Apple’s mobile devices have excellent battery life. Most users will tell you that their iPhone lasts at least a day of heavy usage (the iPad lasts even longer) but lately there have been reports from some users that battery life has dropped significantly. James Kendrick of ZDnet was the first blogger to notice,… Read More »

Chromebooks Outsold iPads in US Schools in the 4th Quarter

Apple may be winning the smartphone market and still lead consumer tablet sales, but report after report says that they’re losing out on school sales. And according to Futuresource, that trend continued in the 4th quarter of 2014. This consulting firm released a new report yesterday which said that that Chromebooks completely overtook the iPad last quarter. Their… Read More »

Apple Launches New iPad Air, iPad Mini, Will Start Pre-Orders Tomorrow

Apple’s tablets got their annual refresh today. The gadget maker has launched a couple new tablets, and they will be putting them up for pre-order tomorrow with shipments to start next week, although only one is worth buying. The new iPad Air 2 features a faster CPU and a better rear camera, and both tablets feature a… Read More »

Leaked User Manual Confirms iPad Air 2, iPad Mini Details

Pretty much everyone has assumed that Apple would be launching a new iPad air and iPad Mini at their event tomorrow, and thanks to the latest leak there’s no room left for doubt. 9to5Mac has found screenshots for the new iOS8 user manual in iBooks, and it has let the cat out of the bag. (While… Read More »