3M Cloud Library Launches New Hardware Lending Program with the Nook Glowlight

-+*It looks like this is going to be a week for bad ideas, because 3M just stepped in it. I just got a press release which touts the 3M Cloud Library’s new hardware lending program. This library ebook vendor was pleased to announce that their platform was now compatible with the Nook Glowlight, B&N’s latest ereader.

eBooks Distributed by Smashwords Now Showing up in OverDrive’s Main eBook Catalog

-+*Things are looking up for authors who distribute their ebooks through Smashwords and want to get them into libraries. Reports are coming in today that a handful of indie titles have escaped the self-published ghetto and are now listed in the main Over Drive catalog with all of the “regular” ebooks.

The WSJ is Wrong – Libraries Will Always Trump Kindle Unlimited

-+* The Wall Street Journal has joined the chorus of voices comparing public libraries to subscription ebook services, and unfortunately its comparison is almost as false as the suggestion published by Forbes that libraries be replaced by Kindle Unlimited subscriptions. Writing in yesterday’s WSJ, Geoffrey Fowler argues that public libraries offer a better value – for… Read More »

The ALA Wants You to Know that Libraries Are More Than Just a “Netflix for Books”

-+*The launch of Kindle Unlimited last week spawned a round of articles calling for killing libraries and replacing them with KU subscriptions, and today the ALA fired back. The American Library Association has released the results of their latest survey today, and according to the report libraries fill more needs in the community than simply… Read More »

Hip Video Explains All-Digital Library in Bexar County, Texas

-+*–Read an e-book at home or in the library, or a digital comic or graphic novel. –Maybe even read E to your visiting  child if you’re a jailed mother. –Use two-way Google Hangouts video to enjoy a virtual book club without leaving your house. Or go to the same event in person and see yourself… Read More »