David Nicholls Sees Showrooming as “Gentile Shoplifting”, Wants Kids to Get Off his Lawn

Yesterday The Guardian, that bastion of all that is good and true and British, published a summary of author, screenwriter, and former bookseller David Nicholls’ recent keynote speech at the London Book Fair’s Digital Minds Conference. In between lamenting the demise of the horse-drawn carriage and the rise of women’s suffrage, Nicholls took a few minutes to express his… Read More »

Fear & Dread, or One Parent’s Thoughts Over a Tablet in the Hands of a 5-Year-Old

With the holidays recently passed, many parents are coping with the a new situation. Their young children have been given a tablet or other mobile device even though, frankly, not all kids are mature enough to handle the responsibility. Last week the WP published a column by the mother one such child. A close fried… Read More »

Breaking News: Streitfeld Admits That Amazon “Might” Not be Guilty of Censorship

If you were hoping that a public rebuke from the NY Times’ public editor would restore some degree of balance to that august publication’s coverage of Amazon, I’m sorry but that hasn’t happened. The media spokesperson for Authors United, David Streitfeld, is mixing it up again. He has a new post up on Sunday on the… Read More »

If you write nonfiction, and cannot command mega-advances, you should think about self-pub

Editor’s Note:  When discussing self-pub, few pundits consider nonfiction books. In his guest posts on The Digital Reader, William D. O’Neil will help to correct that oversight. The great majority of indie self-pubs are genre fiction, and a large proportion of nonfiction in self-pub is about how to write and sell genre fiction. Some say… Read More »