RIAA and Other Groups Make Not-So-Empty Threats Over Cnet’s Download Site

When it comes to trade groups making public attacks on their Lillian du jour, there’s Authors United and its small cabal of Amazon-haters with a noisy but ultimately meaningless letter to the DoJ, and then there is the RIAA and its much quieter threat to Viacom over one of its subsidiaries’ legal hosting activities. According to Billboard, the RIAA… Read More »

New Survey Shows eBook Buyers in the UK Outnumber Pirates By Fourteen to one

The aggressive/hoarder ebook pirate is often held up as the boogeyman of authors and publishers but that individual is rarer than you might think. A new report (PDF) released this month by the UK’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO) showed that ebooks were the one type media least likely to be pirated. Coincidentally, the report also showed that casual… Read More »

The Authors Guild Shows That Piracy is Not a Major Issue, Still Wants to Break the Internet

Last week The Authors Guild sent an open letter to Congress, asking that the DMCA be changed so that ISPs shouldered the responsibility for keeping pirated content off the web (rather than copyright holders, where it belongs). When I covered the story, I addressed the point that the proposal was unworkable in and of itself, but… Read More »

Elsevier Files Suit Against Pirate Search Engines

Elsevier continued its whack-a-mole game with pirates this week by filing a lawsuit against LibGen.org, a search engine. TorrentFreak reports that Elsevier has filed suit in New York District Court against LibGen and another search engine, SciHub.org. The publisher alleges that the sites are pirating articles from Elsevier’s ScienceDirect platform. ScienceDirect is of course behind a… Read More »

Dutch Publishers Take Credit for Swatting Pirate in Google Play Books

Google hasn’t said much about the kudzu-like piracy problem in Google Play Books, or their recent decision to stop letting users register to upload books, but today i can report that someone is making Google take the problem seriously. A reader has tipped me to the news that the Dutch publishers trade group NUV, or Nederlands Uitgeversverbond, issued a statement today… Read More »