Amazon May Have “a Serious eBook Theft Problem”, But They’re Not Alone

3607882912_b8b9b64756_m[1] reported yesterday that Amazon has the same piracy problem as many content services:

It would appear as though Amazon has a problem with author accounts being used to steal books and resell them under another name, as Kindle Direct Publishing users discover a single author with 37 titles under their belt. The one thing they all seem to have in common is that the author labeled as the creator of the ebook had absolutely nothing to do with its creation. Continue reading

French eBook Trade Group Finds Pirated eBooks on Scribd, Outrage Ensues

scribd[1]A relatively new digital publishing trade group in France is making a name for itself this week. Le Groupement pour le développement de la Lecture Numérique, or GLN for short, has released the results of a two month long study of Scribd.

Much to no one's surprise, GLN discovered that the cloud storage service was hosting pirated ebooks. They report, via Actualitte, that they found 400 titles from French authors which had not been uploaded or licensed by the author or publisher. Continue reading

The NYTimes Uses a Flawed Premise to Argue Against Owning a Paper Book Entitles One to a Digital Copy

QuestionMarkEver since book scanning became practical (and long before it got cheap) there's been an ongoing debate over whether possession of a paper copy of a book entitled the owner to also have a digital copy. (As we all recall, this was even the focal point of several major lawsuits against Google over the past decade.) Continue reading

Chrome Plug-in Turns Amazon into a Pirate eBook Site

amazon-pirate-logo[1]I've often felt that ebook prices from certain major publishers were tantamount to highway robbery. Thanks to a new Chrome plugin we can now change that to high seas.

A pirate ebook site by the name of LibGen released a Chrome extension early last month which makes it easy to browse the world's largest bookstore and, rather than buy a book, downloaded a pirated copy of any ebook which interests them. Continue reading

Piracy Sting Nets $700,000 in Illicit Books in Uganda, Shows the Value of Reprinting Services like Paperight

3752143560_7fb8c27ce5_b[1]A distributed printing network like Paeright might not make much commercial sense in the US, but in its native Africa where the market is flooded with pirated print books, it's a different matter.

There are conflicting reports coming out of Uganda this week concerning a major crackdown on illicit printing operations. Continue reading

Used eBook Website Faces Lawsuit in Europe

tom kabinet used ebook marketplaceThe used ebook marketplace Tom Kabinet is only a week old but it is already facing legal challenges to its business model. reported this morning that the Groep Algemene Uitgevers (GAU), the Dutch Trade Publishers Association, has already sent a warning letter to Tom Kabinet, demanding that the site cease operations. Continue reading