Pirate eBook Site Threatens Anti-Piracy Firm Over Bogus DMCA Notices

The Ultimate Ebook Library (TUEBL), a known pirate ebook site, is about to lay the smackdown on the anti-piracy outfit MUSO. TorrentFreak reports that TUEBL has had enough of MUSO’s fraudulent DMCA, and is threatening to block all future notices if MUSO doesn’t straighten up. If you follow IP news for long enough then you probably know that there… Read More »

French eBook Trade Group Finds Pirated eBooks on Scribd, Outrage Ensues

A relatively new digital publishing trade group in France is making a name for itself this week. Le Groupement pour le développement de la Lecture Numérique, or GLN for short, has released the results of a two month long study of Scribd. Much to no one’s surprise, GLN discovered that the cloud storage service was hosting… Read More »

The NYTimes Uses a Flawed Premise to Argue Against Owning a Paper Book Entitles One to a Digital Copy

Ever since book scanning became practical (and long before it got cheap) there’s been an ongoing debate over whether possession of a paper copy of a book entitled the owner to also have a digital copy. (As we all recall, this was even the focal point of several major lawsuits against Google over the past decade.)