Elsevier Files Suit Against Pirate Search Engines

Elsevier continued its whack-a-mole game with pirates this week by filing a lawsuit against LibGen.org, a search engine. TorrentFreak reports that Elsevier has filed suit in New York District Court against LibGen and another search engine, SciHub.org. The publisher alleges that the sites are pirating articles from Elsevier’s ScienceDirect platform. ScienceDirect is of course behind a… Read More »

Dutch Publishers Take Credit for Swatting Pirate in Google Play Books

Google hasn’t said much about the kudzu-like piracy problem in Google Play Books, or their recent decision to stop letting users register to upload books, but today i can report that someone is making Google take the problem seriously. A reader has tipped me to the news that the Dutch publishers trade group NUV, or Nederlands Uitgeversverbond, issued a statement today… Read More »

UK Publishers Waste Time, Money to Get Court Order to Fight Piracy by Blocking Search Engines

Book publishers in the UK have just gotten the High Court to block pirate ebook sites which don’t actually have any pirated ebooks, using a process which they did not actually have to follow. The Financial Times reports that the UK Publishers Association has secured a court order to force the country’s ISPs to enact network level… Read More »

Google Shutters Its Play Books Publisher Portal in Order to “Improve Its Content Management Capabilities”

Do you know how I’ve been harping on the rampant commercial piracy in Google Play Books (four posts in the past month)? I think Google finally got the message. I’ve just read on Twitter, and confirmed from a second source, that Google has closed the Google Play Books Partner Center to new users. The Partner Center is… Read More »

Google Play Books Rep Throws Up Hands, Tells Dutch Publisher That Nothing Can be Done About Obvious eBook Pirate

Google has a serious problem with piracy in Google Play Books. It lets just about anyone set up ebook shops in Google Play Books, and stock them with pirated ebooks. The pirates are allowed to upload copy after copy after copy of a pirated ebook, secure in the knowledge that Google won’t do anything more than… Read More »