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Chrome Plug-in Turns Amazon into a Pirate eBook Site

amazon-pirate-logo[1]I’ve often felt that ebook prices from certain major publishers were tantamount to highway robbery. Thanks to a new Chrome plugin we can now change that to high seas.

A pirate ebook site by the name of LibGen released a Chrome extension early last month which makes it easy to browse the world’s largest bookstore and, rather than buy a book, downloaded a pirated copy of any ebook which interests them. Continue reading

Piracy Sting Nets $700,000 in Illicit Books in Uganda, Shows the Value of Reprinting Services like Paperight

3752143560_7fb8c27ce5_b[1]A distributed printing network like Paeright might not make much commercial sense in the US, but in its native Africa where the market is flooded with pirated print books, it’s a different matter.

There are conflicting reports coming out of Uganda this week concerning a major crackdown on illicit printing operations. Continue reading

Used eBook Website Faces Lawsuit in Europe

tom kabinet used ebook marketplaceThe used ebook marketplace Tom Kabinet is only a week old but it is already facing legal challenges to its business model. reported this morning that the Groep Algemene Uitgevers (GAU), the Dutch Trade Publishers Association, has already sent a warning letter to Tom Kabinet, demanding that the site cease operations. Continue reading

It’s Now Illegal to Download Pirated eBooks in The Netherlands

Thanks3752143560_7fb8c27ce5_n[1] to a unique interpretation of their copyright laws, it has long been legal for consumers to download pirated content in the Netherlands, but that is about to change.

The European Court of Justice ruled yesterday that the Netherlands must make downloads of pirated content illegal. The ruling is not yet available online, but according to the press release (PDF), the Netherlands’ existing system of banning uploads while legitimizing downloads via a piracy tax on media (hard disks, flash drives, CDs, etc) does not comply with EU laws and policies. Continue reading

CafePress, Self-Publishing and the DMCA

Sometimes, cafepress-logo-300x191[1]in copyright circles, important cases and rulings have a way of avoiding the limelight. With all of the attention recently paid to the “Innocence of Muslims” ruling, a different lawsuit, possibly of greater importance, has gotten surprisingly little attention.

That lawsuit centers around the popular printing site CafePress and, specifically, whether or not the service qualifies as an online service provider that should receive protection under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Continue reading

More Bad Advice on Piracy for Authors and Readers

It is easy 8637220162_16099fbb7c_z[1]to see why piracy is the boogeyman of authors, and why so much time is spent fighting it and sharing tips on how to fight it. Unfortunately, not all of the advice you get from authors is good advice; sometimes it is wrong to the point of being destructive.

A couple weeks ago I wrote a brief post debunking one author’s claims about Scribd,  and how it is supposedly easy for readers to strip the DRM (not true). This morning I came across another post with equally bad advice. Continue reading

Stephen King’s Joyland to be Released as an eBook

When Joyland, Joyland-Cover[1]Stephen King’s latest horror novel, was announced in 2012 the publisher and Mr King made a big deal about only releasing it in paper. And when it was published in June 2013, Mr King stuck to his guns and insisted that he wanted people to read the book on paper.

Mr King gave a number of different reasons for not releasing an ebook, including wanting to support bookstores and wanting readers to have the traditional reading experience. Continue reading