Head of Random Penguin Canada Horrifies Publishing Industry, Says He Only Wants to Publish Books That Make Money

Here’s a mountain being made out of a mole hill. Yesterday Chris Meadows of Teleread picked up a story about Brad Martin, the president and CEO of Penguin Random House Canada. Martin gave an interview several weeks back to The Globe and Mail’s Mark Medley, talking about how the newly merged company was coming together. What caught Chris’s eye was… Read More »

Amazon, HarperCollins Refute Claims of Bulk Purchase Shenanigans of Ted Cruz’s Bio

When the New York Times left Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s memoir off the NYT Best-Seller List last week, they justified the move with the claim that there were signs that someone was trying to game the list by strategically making bulk purchases. It wouldn’t be the first time that someone pulled this trick, nor would it be… Read More »

Forgotten Books Buys 500,000 ISBNs, Makes Bid for Title of World’s Largest Spam and Scam Book Publisher

Buyer Beware. A “publisher” by the name of Forgotten Books has just gave us another reminder that there is enough money in ebooks to attract scammers. Forgotten Books supports a website where it claims to publish public domain works. It then puts adverts up next to the (poor quality) ebooks, and tries to entice you into signing up for a… Read More »

Scalzi Says That KDP Select Payment Terms Suck, but He’s Missed Half of the Point

Amazon’s announcement last week that it was changing the payment terms for KDP Select, the program used to supply books to Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Owner’s Lending Library, has caused any number of traditionally published authors and legacy industry pundits to decry the change. John Scalzi, for example, focused solely on the fiscal aspects and… Read More »

The Bookseller Hopes For a Swiftian Response to Amazon, But That’s Really Just a Distraction From the More Serious Issues

Taylor Swift is making headlines again this week, and her influence is causing some to pine for a similar champion in the publishing  industry. As you may recall, Swift posted an open letter to Apple which she protested the three-month free trial period for the upcoming Apple Music service. Apple hadn’t intended to pay royalties… Read More »