Zoella Ghostwriter Siobhan Curham Comments on Controversy: “I did not write Girl Online to get rich or famous”

IMG00944-20120808-15241[1]After having been outed a couple weeks ago by an online forum as the real author of Youtube star Zoella's novel, Siobhan Curham took to her blog yesterday to remark on the abuse she has received ever since the story blew up earlier this week.

Starting with the caveat that her contract prohibits her from getting into specifics, Curham said that: Continue reading

Youtube Star Zoella Sugg’s Debut Novel was Written in 6 Weeks – by Someone Else

518D0FR7SCL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_[1]After circulating in forums and book blogs for a couple weeks, the news officially broke over the weekend that Youtube star Zoella's debut novel might not be entirely her own work.

Or at least that is what Zoella and her publisher are saying; I am reasonably convinced that Zoella didn't write the book, and that this statement from her publisher only bears a vague relation to the truth: Continue reading

A Lesson on contracts: Model sues photographer after her pics were used on the covers of erotica ebooks

18486450.jpgI'm not usually one to quote the Daily Mail, but in their Sunday edition they published an article which, once you look past the salacious details, offers a useful lesson in knowing the difference between a written and a verbal contract:

Nicole Forni, a professional model from Cleveland, Ohio, claims that she only agreed to pose for the provocative pictures on the condition that they were not sold on for any 'adult-oriented' purposes. Continue reading

In Relaunching Pelican Books, Penguin Breaks With the Past in Pursuit of a Digital Future

pelican booksWhen it was launched in the 1930s, Pelican Books was the nonfiction imprint for the then-new paperback publisher Penguin. It brought self-improvement and  self-education to a customer base which was unable to afford the more common hardback books (then as now a luxury item).

But in relaunching Pelican Books 30 years after it closed, Penguin has shown that it has either forgotten about or simply doesn't care about Pelican's original goal; aside from one small modernization the new Pelican Books bears little resemblance to the old. Continue reading

If You Don’t Own The Platform, You Don’t Control It Either

9771579591_bc18b61795_oTumblr has just given us a graphic example of why independence, even if it comes at a cost, is still better than relying the generosity of a free service provider.

Sarah Moon reported on her blog earlier today that Tumblr had recently taken away a URL which she had been using for several years in order to give it to an advertiser (or at least a potential one): Continue reading