Guest Post: Is Kindle Scout Worth the Risk? For Me, Yes

2084662654_b1d38ba1a5[1]The Kindle Scout program is getting a lot of buzz, and some controversy, from the writing universe. Is it worth the risk? For me, the answer is yes. Here’s why.

Earlier this week I submitted my crime novel, The Invisible Hand, to the Kindle Scout program. Within 24 hours, after vetting my manuscript, cover and description, Amazon gave me the green light for a campaign to start on Oct. 28. For those not in the know about Kindle Scout, Nate did a great job of summing it up when it launched last week. Continue reading

Kindle Scout to Open to Readers Next Week

Amazon’kindle scouts crowd-sourcing program opened its doors to authors last week, and a new report tells me that it will soon be open to readers as well.

Benjamin Sobieck wrote on his blog earlier today that his latest crime novel, The Invisible Hand, was accepted into the Kindle Scout program today. He reports that it took Amazon less than 24 hours to accept his work and assign a start date for his campaign. The Invisible Hand will be posted for readers to rate and review on 28 October. Continue reading

The Doctor is OUT

Paul_Krugman-press_conference_Dec_07th,_2008-8[1]Paul Krugman is a great economist and an interesting and entertaining polemicist. Most of the time.

Krugman’s specialty is international economics, and his book (with Maurice Obstfeld and Marc Melitz) on the subject is a standard text. But he’s also good on most other economics subjects. If you invest in bonds you’ve done a great deal better over the past few years following his advice than that of the famous (and mega-rich) “Bond King” Bill Gross. As Krugman has often stated, that’s not because he has some special insight; it’s because he relies on economic models that make sense and have been tested against the real world. It’s science in action, making rigorous and efficient use of available information.
Continue reading

Amazon Signs New Contracts With Bonnier, Simon & Schuster

4130309782_543dd1643c[1]Reports are coming in today that the crusher of dreams and devourer of small kittens has reportedly signed new contracts with a publishers in Germany and the US.

Boersenblatt and the WSJ are reporting that Amazon has come to terms with Bonnier in Germany and S&S in the US, respectively. The specifics of the new contracts have not been disclosed, but the CEO of Bonnier’s German subsidiary is quoted as saying: Continue reading

Kobo President Tamblyn Espouses an Anti-Amazon Domino Theory in a 31 Tweet Manifesto

exec_miketamblyn3[1]Over the past 5 months many people have put forward arguments why everyone in publishing should side with Hachette against Amazon: some were good, some were bad, and some were frankly ludicrous.

And then there are the arguments which have already been debunked before they have even been made. Continue reading

The Seven Deadly Social Media Sins, and Why Authors Should Avoid Them

brunner social media faux pasAuthors and publishers are frequently told that they should engage with readers on social networks, but sometimes it’s not easy to know the right way to go about it. And so when this video from Pittsburgh ad agency Brunner crossed my desk this morning, I thought it was worth watching and sharing. Continue reading