Hands On With Huateng’s $307 Dual-Screen E-ink Smartphone (video)

With the Yotaphone 2 costing $600 retail (currently $500 pre-order on Indiegogo) and the Siswoo R9 Darkmoon still little more than a Photoshop render, the Flag D1 from Huateng is looking to be your best bet for an affordable dual-screen smartphone. Charbax recently caught up with Huateng at a trade show in Asia, and he got them… Read More »

The Netflix Watch is Going to Solve All Your Mobile Streaming Video Problems (video)

Apple may be getting most of the press today with the Apple Watch showing up in stores but that hasn’t deterred Netflix from revealing its own smartwatch design (s). The streaming video service has two smartwatch models in the works, one with a 3″ screen and another plus-sized model. Netflix hasn’t released all the technical… Read More »