Review: Pocketbook InkPad 840

pocketbook 840 inkpad handsonPocketbook's new 8" ereader has been delayed so often that it is a solid runner up for that title, but it has proven to be worth it.

I've had my InkPad for a couple weeks now, and it has proven to be far better device than the early reports from Russia led me to expect. The price tag and limited supply will likely keep it out of the hands of most readers, which is a shame. Continue reading

Japanese Flipbook has a Surprise at the End (video)

flipbookFrom the you can't do this with ebooks dept ...

Flipbooks have been around for so long that they are arguably the oldest type of animation, but you rarely see them these days outside of kid's books and the occasional art project.

That's why when I came across the following video of a flipbook, I thought everyone would get a kick out of it. The video is short, so watch it all the way through to see the surprise. Continue reading

Chinese Hacker Installs Windows 95 on iPhone 6 Plus

0238ef6bbd9be53a[1]We've seen Windows 95 on a smartwatch, now check it out on the iPhone 6 Plus.

A Chinese developer going by the handle xyq058775 is saying that he has installed Windows 95 on a brand new iPhone 6. Using an emulator called iDos, the hacker was able to get most of it working fine. He reports that (for obvious reasons) he wasn't able to upgrade to Windows XP, but he was able to upgrade to Windows 98. Continue reading

Parody Video(s): Amazon Echo is an (Un)Helpful Little Cylinder

amazon-echo-2[1]Amazon's in-home digital concierge is still making its way to consumers, and no one knows yet exactly how it's going to work. But that hasn't stopped a couple Youtubers from posting parody videos.

The Amazon Echo is a 9-inch-tall, cylinder-shaped Bluetooth speaker that can be situated anywhere in the home, and functions always-on digital assistant. Much like with Siri and Google Now, you can ask it anything – from “how tall is Vesuvius?” to “how many inches are in a yard?” or even to add items to your shopping list. Continue reading

Cybook Ocean Goes up for Pre-Order, Also Cleared the FCC (video)

cybook-ocean-2Bookeen's new ebook reader went up for pre-order this week, and is scheduled to ship on 24 November. The Cybook Ocean sports an 8" epaper screen, and thanks to the FCC filings I can also confirm the listed specs.

This ereader went through the FCC back in May (the 6" Muse cleared the FCC this week), and based on what I can see in the internal photos (PDF) I can say that it is running on an 800MHz Freescale CPU with 128MB RAM, Wifi, and a microSD card slot hidden under a flap on the rear of the device. Continue reading

Amazon Echo is Siri in a Can (Video)

amazon echoAmazon might not be having much luck in selling an iPhone competitor but their Siri alternative is another matter. The retailer has just announced Amazon Echo, their entrant into the virtual assistant market.

Building on the work of two startups Amazon bought in November 2011 and in early 2013, the Amazon Echo picks up where the Dash personal shopping assistant leaves off. If offers many of the virtual assistant features offered by Siri, including answering questions, acting as an alarm clock, and more, and thanks to its non-mobile design the Echo can also double as the focal point for a sound system. Continue reading

Want to Assemble Your Own eReading Device? Google Shows Off Project Ara Modular Phone Prototype

3[1]The idea of assembling a DIY mobile device has long since fallen out of the mainstream, but if Project Ara is successful then that could change.

For the past couple years Google has been working on, well, they've been working on many hardware projects, but the one that has me waiting with bated breath is Project Ara. Continue reading

Parody Video: Amazon Prime Air Expands to Include Neighborhood Watch, other Services

amazon prime air parodyAmazon's drone delivery program may still be in its teething stages but the retailer has high hopes for the many services the drones could provide in the future.

In this new promo video, Amazon VP Michael Stusser details the many ways that the Amazon Prime Air program will be used to benefit the public. Once these drones achieve pinpoint accuracy and perfect on time delivery, Amazon will be able to repurpose the drones to perform new tasks: Continue reading