Hands On With Netronix 13.3″ Android eReader (video)

Destined to be the perennial show floor demo but never the shipped product, Netronix’s 13.3″ Android-powered writing slate made another public appearance this week in Taipei. Charbax caught up with Netronix at Computex a few days ago and shot a video of the latest pre-production model. Like the one I saw at CES 2015, this device is based… Read More »

Hands On With Huateng’s $307 Dual-Screen E-ink Smartphone (video)

With the Yotaphone 2 costing $600 retail (currently $500 pre-order on Indiegogo) and the Siswoo R9 Darkmoon still little more than a Photoshop render, the Flag D1 from Huateng is looking to be your best bet for an affordable dual-screen smartphone. Charbax recently caught up with Huateng at a trade show in Asia, and he got them… Read More »