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Appeals Court Overturns GSU Library Fair Use Case – But For Good Reasons

4131837946_c83b57d877[1]A key fair use ruling was overturned a couple days ago, but you won't find me crying into my bran flakes this morning.

Copyright Librarian and Techdirt reported on Friday that the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals has issued its ruling in Cambridge University Press et. al. v. Patton, the 2008 copyright infringement lawsuit which is otherwise known as "the Georgia State library case". Continue reading

Infographic: Reading Can be Good for Your Health

Reading might be typically associated with a sedentary lifestyle, but it's not all bad. Canada’s National Reading Campaign released an infographic last week which details how reading can lower your stress level and help you become a better person.

It can't do much for one's weight or cholesterol, but for that I would recommend an audiobook and a good pair of shoes. Continue reading

Is Kindle Unlimited Good or Bad for Authors – Six Viewpoints

question-markIn the two days since Amazon officially announced their ebook subscription service, everyone and their cousin has posted an editorial on the question of whether KU is good or bad for authors.

Being neither an author nor a publishers, I sat out the debate,  but as I looked over the links I collected for tomorrow's Morning Coffee post I realized that had an excess of links for this one topic. And even though I have no opinion either way on the question, I can see that I am in the minority.Here are 6 different takes on this question, including a couple which address the point from unusual tangents. Continue reading

WaterFi Now Sells a Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite – Good to a Depth of 200 Feet

washingoff-500x500[1]Like many gadget owners I like to take my ereaders with me outside, and like many gadget owners I live in constant fear of dropping my ereader in a puddle.

But not any more.  I've just been sent a link to a Calif. based company called Waterfi. This gadget reseller has recently started offering a waterproof Kindle which they guarantee can be used in any weather conditions as well as underwater. Continue reading

The Secret to a Good Book Cover

What with the news last week about Simon & Schuster's new plan to fleece self-published authors, I have been thinking more and more about how authors can publish their own works and do a better job than a legacy publisher.

I've heard from a number of authors who say that you can publish an ebook for a little as $400 (or even less), and while I wouldn't go that low I have come to the conclusion this past week that when it comes to producing a good quality ebook money is one of the less important determining factors .

The secret to self-publishing isn't the amount of money you spend; it's the care and thought you put into the effort. Continue reading

Smashwords: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Smashwords is one of my favorite ebookstores. I probably buy more ebooks there than from any other ebookstore. A lot of that has to do with price, but it also has to do with my desire to find great reads from indie authors rather than supporting Agency 6 overpricing of ebooks.

The good of Smashwords is that it is a place where one can find true gems, true masterpieces among the slush, and find them at very reasonable prices. Some excellent, even outstanding, authors I have found at Smashwords are Richard S. Tuttle, Vicki Tyley, Shayne Parkinson, Lee Goldberg, Catherine Durkin Robinson, Saffina Desforges, and Markus Kane.

The bad of Smashwords is how difficult it can be to find these authors. Continue reading

REDGroup – A tale of hubris and the end of the good times

by Darryl Adams

I originally posted this over in the comments of the Delimiter REDGroup article. I think it answers most of what went wrong, but I do admit some of the conclusions I extrapolated from the data.

My research on REDGroup is leading to me to think that it was the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) and not e-books that killed them. Continue reading

Piracy is Good – just ask Google

A couple days ago Google started censoring the suggested search terms in their search engine.

Do you know how you can type a few letters and Google will guess at words you're about to type? Google will no longer suggest words like bittorrent, rapidshare, utorrent, etc. This censorship inspired me to pull out my notes for this post.

I don't have an actual quote, but I do believe that Google must like the idea of piracy. Otherwise they wouldn't have designed Android to be so heavily dependent on it. Continue reading

Does a Kindle make a good prison bribe? No, it does not.

by Chris Walters

The Los Angeles Times reported today that when a prison official returned from holiday vacation last month, she found a new Kindle on her desk. It had been given to her by Fabian Nuñez, former Assembly Speaker for California and father of inmate Esteban Nuñez, who is serving time for murder. The prison official reported it and returned it immediately, and Nuñez Sr. apologized for the bribe gift. Continue reading

GoodEreader.com – your friendly neighborhood ebook pirate

If you follow ebook news, you might have heard of a site called GoodEreader.com. At first glance  it looks like a news site. It has a blog, podcast, and a monthly magazine, and they even opened an ereader store last week. But all of that is all a facade that they are using to hide their true activities.

click = big

GoodEreader.com are  a pirate ebook website that's been operating for a couple years now. It has been quietly known in ebook circles that they actively pirate ebooks, but no one wanted to do anything about it. We've all just been ignoring the matter, and it's time that changed. Continue reading