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Appeals Court Overturns GSU Library Fair Use Case – But For Good Reasons

A key fair use ruling was overturned a couple days ago, but you won’t find me crying into my bran flakes this morning. Copyright Librarian and Techdirt reported on Friday that the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals has issued its ruling in Cambridge University Press et. al. v. Patton, the 2008 copyright infringement lawsuit which is otherwise known as “the… Read More »

Infographic: Reading Can be Good for Your Health

Reading might be typically associated with a sedentary lifestyle, but it’s not all bad. Canada’s National Reading Campaign released an infographic last week which details how reading can lower your stress level and help you become a better person. It can’t do much for one’s weight or cholesterol, but for that I would recommend an audiobook and a… Read More »

Is Kindle Unlimited Good or Bad for Authors – Six Viewpoints

In the two days since Amazon officially announced their ebook subscription service, everyone and their cousin has posted an editorial on the question of whether KU is good or bad for authors. Being neither an author nor a publishers, I sat out the debate,  but as I looked over the links I collected for tomorrow’s… Read More »

WaterFi Now Sells a Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite – Good to a Depth of 200 Feet

Like many gadget owners I like to take my ereaders with me outside, and like many gadget owners I live in constant fear of dropping my ereader in a puddle. But not any more.  I’ve just been sent a link to a Calif. based company called Waterfi. This gadget reseller has recently started offering a… Read More »