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Adobe Updates Digital Edition, Stops Sharing User Info With the Internet

Adobe rolled out a new update for their Digital Editions Epub app today, and I have good news, bad news, and okay news. This is a relatively minor update to the month-old Epub app, and the good news is that it adds a full text search option as well as a new display window for search results.

Is the Internet a Greater Threat to Publishers than Self-Pub eBooks?

Did you catch the article in The Telegraph today? The well-known British horticulturalist and author, David Hessayon, is retiring at the age of 85. While this would not normally rate a post, I was intrigued by one of the quotes. Dr Hessayon laments that the internet is having a negative effect on the market for… Read More »

Internet Archive Now Hosts 4.4 Million eBooks, Sees 15 Million eBooks Downloaded Each Month

The Internet Archive is one of the largest repositories of free information online, but it wasn’t until yesterday that I realized just how large their operations really were. Robert Miller, the Global Director for eBooks at the Internet Archive, sent out an email yesterday to IA sponsors, partners, and content contributors with all sorts of … Read More »

The Internet and Free: A Problem That Will Grow

Cook’s Source magazine has been the topic of conversation in recent days for grabbing a copyrighted article written by Monica Gaudio off the Internet and publishing it without permission or compensation. When Ms. Gaudio complained, she was told that she should be thankful Cook’s Source “improved” the article by editing it and then publishing it with attribution. Cook’s Source‘s editor wrote:

Internet Archive now has 2m free texts online

From the announcement: The Internet Archive is pleased to announce an important manuscript, Homiliary on Gospels from Easter to first Sunday of Advent, as the 2,000,000th free digital text. Internet Archive has been scanning books and making them available for researchers, historians, scholars, people with disabilities, and the general public for free on archive.org since… Read More »