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Marvell, OLPC announce partnership & $5.6m grant

Xconomy.com are reporting that Marvell will give the OLPC Foundation $5,6 million dollars in grant money so OLPC can take the lead  in developing the new XO-3 tablet. We've known since May that they were cooperating, and I'm glad they decided to push ahead . Negroponte also promised that the an early version of the XO-3 would be demoed at CES 2011.


Was this really a good idea? OLPC have lofty goals, but their execution is lacking. They have a history of not making the promised launch date or cost (and let's just ignore the fact that the XO-2 never shipped at all). It's not like the OLPC really have to handle all the parts of this program. They're managing distribution just fine. Let someone else do the hardware design.

I'm deeply impressed with the in house designers at Marvell. I think they would do a much better tablet, if they were given the chance.

Brief hands on with Marvell’s Mobylize 10″ tablet (video)

Netbook News was at GigaOm Moblize 2010 yesterday, and they spent a few minutes talking with Marvell.  NN got a chance to take a look at the Mobylize, the 10" Android tablet that Marvell is hawking for the education market.

I've seen this tablet back in February at TOC. That one was just the Moby tablet, but the only difference were the apps running on it; the hardware is the same.

If  you're interested in learning more about the Mobylize tablet, you might want to visit the Mobylize website.

It's an interesting tablet, but I'm beginning to wonder why no one seems to be using it. I was told by Marvell that they have partners working on the tablet, but they won't say who. I was also told that there was a pilot program running this fall, but Daniel Yoo, a Marvell PR rep, won't give me any details. At this point it's really beginning to feel like wishful thinking on the part of Marvell. Continue reading

Marvell announces the Moby MED

Marvell announced their latest reference design yesterday. The MED tablet is a new variation of the existing Moby design. As you can tell from the name, the target audience for the MED is the medical profession.

I haven't heard back about the specs, but I'd guess that they are the same as the Moby. This would mean 1080p video, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/GPS connectivity, 3D graphics support and support for multiple software standards including full Adobe Flash, Android™ and Windows Mobile. According to the press release, the MED also has a camera for video conferencing.

press release

On Marvell’s new $99 Moby tablet

Marvell posted a press release yesterday in which they announced their new prototype. It's a tablet with full video & Flash abilities and a quoted price of $99.

I posted a link to the press release so you could see what Marvell actually said. Take a note of what isn't there. There are no hardware specs. We don't know the screen size, weight, dimensions, or any other important detail.  There is also no indication whether the quoted price is retail, wholesale, or the manufacturing cost.

I hate it when PR flacks give tidbits of information like this. There's not enough to report on here. Any story written based on this material (like Engadget) is really just blowing smoke.

Update: Harry McCracken of Technologizer was at the Future of Publishing Summit. He took a photo of the Moby prototype, and he says it's a 10" Android tablet.