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Intel Reveals a Prototype Laptop with a Secondary E-ink Screen

intel laptop second e-ink screen

Intel wrapped up their annual developer's conference in San Francisco yesterday, but not before revealing several concept designs, including one which recycles an idea for a laptop with an E-ink screen. Intel's new laptop looks like any other model while it is open and in use, but close the lid and you'll discover an E-ink screen on ...

Netronix Shows Off a 6.8″ eReader Prototype With Wacom, Android 4.1 (video)

netronix wacom 6.8 e-inkandroid

The ereader design house Netronix has just revealed two of their latest prototypes, and you're in for a treat. Charbax caught up with Netronix at a recent trade show and he caught a new 6.8" prototype on video as well as a concept design that is based on the 13.3" Fina E-ink screen. The 6.8" prototype ...

Check Out This Dual-Screen eBook Reader Prototype From 1989 (video)


Sony is widely credited as being the first into the ebook reader market when they launched the Sony Data Discman in 1990, but they weren't the only ones working on a prototype. I've just found a new video on Youtube which looks at a prototype dual-screen ereader from 1989. It was never produced, and I doubt ...