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Have the Negotiations Broken Down? Amazon Calls on Indie Authors and Publishers to Lobby Hachette

*+-Amazon fired their latest salvo in the pr battle with Hachette this morning, and for once I wonder if they made a mistake. The retailer sent out an email to all authors and publishers currently signed up with KDP, asking them to take a side in the ongoing contract dispute with Hachette. The letter can… Read More »

Publishers (Again) Object to Apple Antitrust Ruling

*+-Last week US publishers demonstrated that old adage that insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result. Publishers Weekly reports that the agency publishers which were part of the 2010 price fixing conspiracy and then settled the antitrust lawsuit out of court are once again objecting to the agreement between… Read More »

I Think It’s Time for Indies to Join Publishers in Their Fight Against Amazon

*+-Over the past two months Amazon has been supporting their very public and very rough book contract negotiations with a subtle media campaign which has kept indies on the sideline. By saying little and letting the publishers leak details, Amazon has avoided giving indies a reason to join sides with the major publishers that Amazon… Read More »

German Publishers File Antitrust Complaint Against Google over Ad Revenues, Snippets

*+-When German publishers filed a copyright licensing complaint against Google last week, I pointed out that the publishers had a weak case in their demands that Google pay them 11% of its revenues. They had already given Google permission to use their snippets and links for free, thus rendering any demands for payment moot. Apparently… Read More »

German Publishers Sue Google, Demand Google Pay for Giving them Free Advertising

*+-Not satisfied with simply getting free advertising from search engines like Google, media companies in one country after another have tried time after time to force Google to pay for all the visitors that Google sends to their  websites. This idea has been tried in Germany, Belgium, and France, and it is currently being considered… Read More »