Ectaco Jetbook vs Hanvon N516

I'm going to be parting with the Hanvon N516 soon and I wanted to post one last time and expand upon my opinion. This post is going to be a brief comparison of the Jetbook and the N516.

I've now used the N516 as my main ebook reader for 17 days, and it's beginning to grow on me. I hadn't realized quite how picky I am; I spent a good half hour tweaking the line spacing, margins, and font size until it was perfect. I'm going to miss it.

But my recommendation stands. The Jetbook is significantly better than the stock firmware on the N516, and given how much trouble I had I can't with good conscience recommend trying to install Open Inkpot. OI is very good, but I beleive in playing it safe.

I prefer the Jetbook because as a reader it is adequate in most categories, and the ergonomics are perfect for me. I also like the button layout, and the functions assigned to the buttons. The buttons on the Jetbook make sense in a way that the ones on the N516 do not.

N516 (stock firmware)

  • whiter screen
  • screen resolution
  • battery life
  • weight


  • screen refresh
  • ergonomics
  • sleep mode
  • menu design
  • button placement
  • back button
  • format support

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