I found an interesting new publishing platform called Blog2Print. They provide a service that helps blogger gather the posts and comments from blogs and bundles them into a book. Yeah, I don't understand it either, but it looks rather interesting. From the press release:

Even as the e-book starts to capture the attention of the reading public, a little known phenomenon is pushing copies of printed books skyward: transforming blogs into physical books. This year alone, SharedBook estimates that its Blog2Print service will publish more than 50,000 copies of individual blogs. “What SharedBook has done with Blog2Print is open a door to publishing that simply could not have existed before. The number of books bloggers have created - and likely will create in the future - is astonishing, and reflects the emerging power of creativity in our culture. 50,000 books in a year is equal to almost 15% of the total number of book titles published in the U.S. in 2009!” said veteran publisher and consultant David Wilk, founder of Booktrix and a number of book-related websites.

I'm not sure what value this really provides. Changing content from a web format (blog) to print would seem to require a lot of editing. I bet I could do a better job by grabbing the XML and working from there. (You know, that's probably what they did.)

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  1. There are many blog printing services out there. I have been comparing for several years now and have actually found BLURB ( to be superior in quality when comparing Blog2Print and it is also half the price.

    Blurb gives the flexibility of “slurping” your blog and instantly designing a book or gives you an option to be more creative and design your own pages (choosing different layouts and photo sizes, backgrounds and color, etc…).

    The books are fabulous – Very professional!

  2. P.S. I have printed 4 blog books with Blurb now – Love it!

  3. A service that aims at preserving communication between people might also interest readers.

    Enter Present at Ciudad de Las Ideas, meeting of brilliant minds in 2011.

    Take it for a spin!

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