Does Fictionwise still support the Ebookwise 1150?

Does Fictionwise still support the Ebookwise 1150? Rumors An observant MobileRead member noticed that Fictionwise seems to have quietly stopped mentioning the Ebookwise 1150.

Came across something that seems odd. I was gathering information together to sell my eb-1150 and noticed there's no longer any information on the Fictionwise site regarding the eb-1150. I then went to the eBookwise site and went to my download library and came across this message. "Future purchases at Fictionwise will not be available for upload."

I've looked, and I can confirm these details. On the other hand, the eb-1150 is still for sale on Oh, and I would try to contact Fictionwise and ask, but they stopped talking to the press shortly after they were bought by B&N.

I happen to still have an 1150 in the original retail box. I pulled it out, and would you believe it was made in 2002? The hardware is 8 years old, and still being sold. Impressive.

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Clifford King16 April, 2011

    Did you ever sell it? I’d buy it if it still words well. CmK

    1. Nate the great16 April, 2011

      I’m keeping it. You can probably still find it on Ebay.


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