Acer announces LumiRead e-reader Wifi, 3G, qwerty

Acer announces LumiRead e-reader Wifi, 3G, qwerty e-Reading Hardware Now this is a rather odd beast.

Acer is late to the ereader game with this Kindle clone. I has a 6" E-ink screen, keyboard, Wifi (3G on a later model), 2B GB storage, a browser, and Acer has already signed with the B&N ebookstore in the US, and in Germany. It also comes with an ISBN scanner (I'm looking forward to when this gets hacked) so you can scan the ISBN of a book you're interested in and Google it.

The LumiRead is supposed to be out in late summer or early fall, and there was no word on price.

P.S. I find it rather odd that Acer announces an ereader after having shelved it 3 months ago. I doubt that we'll ever find out why, though.

Nate Hoffelder

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  3. Bill Guss5 June, 2011

    Do you have to use a fast dial up to use this?
    Bill Guss


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