Morning Links 17 June 2010

I have some good ones for you.

Does any Industry have as many Conventions as Publishing?

Was going to write this post much earlier and then stopped because didn’t want to be rude. Here’s the start from then -

Teleread spent most of the last week of May writing about various panels at BookExpo 2010 and given that this seemed to be the 20th Publishing convention in 2010 already …

Well, guess there’s no choice now because Teleread are at another convention.

iPad + iBook = Weird, Useful Shrine to Appley Goodness

Morning Links 17 June 2010 Link Post Tired of waiting for decent keyboard accessories for your shiny new iPad? This hack takes a classic piece of Apple goodness and chops it together with the new flashy tablet that everyone seems so crazy about.

Upgrading ‘Accessible’ to ‘Fully Accessible’

The Internet Archive wants to grant universal access to all knowledge. It’s important to note that ‘universal’ and ‘all’ in that sentence aren’t generalities. When we say ‘universal,’ we mean for everybody, and when we say ‘all,’ we mean everything. To that end, Open Library has been conducting ongoing testing with one of our most important audiences in order to create a website that allows blind and visually impaired visitors access to all available resources, and particularly to downloadable books.

Why French E-books Don’t Deserve Lower VAT

In the latest issue of ESPRIT magazine, Pascal Fouche, bibliographer and editor of the three-volume Dictionnaire encyclopedique du livre, discusses the changing definition of the book in the age of digitization, largely in favor of the argument that a lower rate of V.A.T. — 5.5.% in France — not be extended to e-books: “A book is an item, printed on paper, which serves the dissemination of ideas,” he writes, “This fiscal definition was used to establish a reduced V.A.T. rate on books. This is why an advertising brochure with less than 48 pages is not a book –- and so on. But according to this definition, the printing process is constitutive to the book. As a result the digital data which is sold as ‘Ebooks’ does not benefit from the lower rate of V.A.T.”

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