Kindle 3 has free Wi-Fi access at AT&T hotspots

by Chris Walters

Hmm, this feature may have been around for a while and I’m just now noticing it, in which case I feel like an idiot. At any rate, did you know that your Kindle can connect for free to AT&T wireless hotspots without requiring any logins, checkboxes or agreement buttons? You have to manually select the hotspot the first time, but after that it will automatically connect whenever you’re in range.

Amazon calls it “free Wi-Fi access” but also says you can use it for Kindle shopping, so I’m not sure whether this means the access is restricted to just the Kindle store. At minimum, I would expect it to also sync notes and bookmarks, but I’ll have to drop in at a Starbucks and test it out.

See Amazon’s help page for details on how to set it up. AT&T has a hotspot locator map if you want to find nearby locations.

(Photo: preetamrai)

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