iPad-itis humor The BBC made this funny little clip about an ad exec who can't distinguish between an iPad and real life.

So when''s the right time to stop making fun of the iPad? Easy: when it stops being funny.

(visit TDR to view the video)

via BBC

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  1. monopole27 March, 2011

    Stop speaking heresy!

    Don’t you know the iPad is 99% more open than all other computers:

    In all seriousness, this is very bad, long term, for Apple. Palm was never able to shake the reputation of being a toy for yuppies despite some excellent products later on. Once a product gets associated with people with more money than brains it’s going to be marginalised. Yuppies were bad enough, but getting associated with hipsters and trustafarians, the gorge rises!

  2. Perry27 March, 2011

    It’s true – eek as someone who has played freecell until I can see the cards when I close my eyes, it is a real danger. Hee hee

  3. Nic Haase28 March, 2011

    Great! Thanks for posting.
    No one tells about the risks 😉

  4. Symptome der iPaditis | Blog3 June, 2011

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