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I’m on a Chinatown bus at the moment on my way from DC to NYC and I thought I’d take a few minutes and go over my gear bag. Mike Cane asked a few days ago about the gadgets I’m bring with me. At the time, I didn’t know what I was bringing so I couldn’t answer.

I have my camera (Sanyo Xacti), digital voice recorder, 3G dongle (Virgin Mobile), and notepad, of course. Add my usual laptop and you have my bare minimum gear bag.

I’m also packing along my wireless mouse, as well as my Dell inspiron Duo. I still don’t like the design but the is a Win7 tablet convertible. It still beats out all my other tablets in terms of sheer usefulness and I’m expecting to need it on the bus (every seat will be taken).

In terms of ereaders, I’m leaving behind the Kindle but bringing new ereaders. I just got a Libre Color from Aluratek as well as a pair of review units from Gajah. The Libre Color is staying behind, unfortunately; I’m liable if it gets stolen. But one of the Gajah review units is the new Libre Touch Android tablet, which should be fun to play with.

I’m also bringing my HP 360LX. I don’t need it but I plan to start an impromptu weirdest gadget contest (and win it).

image by Haags Uitburo

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  1. Mike Cane22 May, 2011

    OMG. So much stuff!! I remember when Chippy’s notebook battery died at I think CTIA. He went on covering everything solely with a Nokia phone as camera and his Samsung Galaxy Tab. I like such minimalism. That’s what I aspire to. Maybe I can cram it all down to just that 5″ Samsung Galaxy S WiFi.

    1. Nate Hoffelder22 May, 2011

      I could never blog from a tablet; I’d be lost without a keyboard.

      1. Mike Cane22 May, 2011

        Yeah, I understand that. Won’t stop me from giving it a whirl, though.


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