I think Asus had the first Mirasol ebook reader

I was working my way through my search bots this morning when I noticed one rather odd little detail. A spam blog had puked up another post on one of Asus’ ereaders, and while the post isn’t worth mentioning, the ereaders name caught my eye.

Back in January 2010 Asus briefly showed off the DR-570, a new ereader. All the tech bloggers oohed and awed over it and the  6″ or 5.7″ (1024×768 resolution) OLED screen.  (Later reports give it the smaller screen size.) It was supposed tobe released in late 2010, but it never showed up.

I’m pretty sure it does have a 5.7″ screen; it fits better with the name. Asus like to put the screen size into the name of their ereaders. The EA800 has an 8″ screen, and the DR-900 has a 9″ screen. Edit: I relaized after writing this post that both of Asus’ current ereaders have a new and unusual screen. That would suggest that the 570 also had an unusual screen.

But 5.7″ is a rather curious screen size, isn’t it? Why would someone make an OLED screen that size? Okay, I can find references to that screen size, but I can’t find that any is actually using it.

You can get a Mirasol screen with those dimensions and resolution, though.

I think Asus laid their first Mirasol ebook reader right under our noses and no one noticed. I don’t have any proof, but the circumstantial evidence is intriguing:

  • It has the same screen dimensions and resolution as Mirasol
  • No one has actually laid hands on it
  • it was due out in late 2010 (like Mirasol), but was delayed (like Mirasol)

BTW, you might recall that I predicted back in April that Asus were a likely Mirasol partner. I still don’t have any proof, but you have to admit that it’s a pretty compelling argument.

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Mike Cane14 June, 2011

    Hm, I don’t know. I blogged it at the time:

    If Asus did develop such a screen, as that quote indicates, why haven’t we seen it on something else? Maybe you’re right.

  2. Chris3 July, 2011

    When you think of it, it’s actually very logical to have that screen size because 5.7 inches equals exactly 14.5 centimeters. And since flat screens have been designed in centimeters since they first appeared but sold as inches for the US market, this screen size makes much more sense.

    And did you know that the US competes with Liberia and Myanmar as the only three countries in the world to not use the metric system. That makes me feel ashamed to be American.


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