Look at what Irex have been doing lately (video)

Look at what Irex have been doing lately (video) e-Reading Hardware
A couple new videos were posted to Youtube yesterday from an employee of IRX Innovations. They haven't announced any product plans, but the videos give  us a few hints about what they're thinking. The first video shows a grayscale Sipix screen with 6fps video running on it. The second video is a closeup of the screen. The video is running at 480x640, which is below the full screen resolution of 600x800.

It's only 6fps, so I really don't think it's usable for actual video just yet. But it's still faster than the ebook readers with Sipix screens.

IRX Innovations are a company formed from the bankrupt remnants of Irex Technologies, the ereader pioneer. Irex had one of the first E-ink ebook readers in 2006. That model was the Illiad, which had an 8" screen. Irex released 2 subsequent models before going bankrupt in 2010.

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  1. Ehhh, hasn’t another company done something like this with e-ink Pearl? This just doesn’t seem very useful for an e-paper reader. I’ll be excited when someone develops something superior to E-ink Pearl.

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