Archos G9 tablets to run Android v3.1 on dual core CPUs

Archos G9 tablets to run Android v3.1 on dual core CPUs e-Reading Hardware Archos just unveiled their next 2 tablets, and I think they've outdone themselves.

The first 2 tablets in the G9 series are going to be 8" (1280 x 768) and 10" (1280 x 800). When they hit the market  in September they'll be running the latest version of Android on a dual core 1.5GHz OMAP4 1.5 GHz CPU from Texas Instruments. Now that is one hell of a CPU; I've seen the specs. Archos tout the CPU as 50% faster than NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 processors. There’s also HDMI output and support for 1080p playback.

The tablets will also have Wifi, microSD card slot, 16GB Flash or 250GB HD, Speakers, mike, GPS, g-sensor, compass , and a webcam that shoots 720p. Battery life is specced at 7 hours of video, and up to 36 hours of music.

Retail for the G9 80 will be $279, and the G9 101 will cost $349.



via Archos

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  1. Before you get all hot over these, let’s first see them in person and confirm they don’t have crap screens like the 101 did.

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