Binatone’s new e-reader is the oddest Kindle clone imaginable

Earlier this week I posted a brief note about the Binatone ReadMe Mobile, a Kindle clone ebook reader with a 7" screen. At the time I didn't have a picture, but now I do. Here it is:

Binatone's new e-reader is the oddest Kindle clone imaginable e-Reading Hardware

Yes, that is a keyboard along the length of a 7" screen. And yes, I have seen it before.

A dummy model based on similar hardware was on display in the Southern Telecom booth at CES 2011. ST don't appear to have followed through on releasing this ebook reader, but trust me, it looks as strange in person as it does on your screen.

The ReadMe Mobile is going to be running Android v2.1, and it has Wifi, 2GB Flash storage, and a microSD card slot. it comes with the usual apps but it's not clear if there will be any extras.  It's also not clear if the ReadMe has a touch screen, but I would say probably not. It has the d-pad.

retail is £129d it should ship soon in the UK.

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2 Comments on Binatone’s new e-reader is the oddest Kindle clone imaginable

  1. Just out of curiosity, what makes an e-reader a Kindle clone? This device doesn’t look like a Kindle at all to me.

    • Good point, and you’re right.

      I called this a Kindle clone before i saw it because that’s what Binatone supposedly said. But I still think it is a clone. It was clearly inspired by the Kindle, only the designer may have been drunk at the time.

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