Check Out This “10 tablets That Deserve to Die” List

Check Out This "10 tablets That Deserve to Die" List Editorials I've just come across the most mind-boggling article over on the eWeek website. A hack writer by the name of Don Reisinger has put together a list of 10 tablets that he wants to see follow the TouchPad into extinction.

I wouldn't go read the article of I were you; you probably own a tablet on the list and the list would piss you off. You will find the Xoom, 7" Galaxy Tab, Asus Transformer, Acer Iconia and other main stream big-name tablets on the list.

I can't speak for all the tablets but any death-list that includes the Transformer is frankly idiotic. It's both a very good piece of hardware and it is fairly popular. And the Xoom? This guy thinks that Google's flagship Android tablet should die. I'm sorry, but WTF is he smoking?

BTW, his recommendations are based on what he thinks he knows about how well the tablets are selling.  I would be willing to bet that he's completely wrong about the Transformer (and that makes me seriously doubt any info he has on the other tablets). Just based on the random interactions I've had with other tablet owners, the Transformer is doing great. It is the most common Android tablet that I've heard people mention. Also, I've seen no less than three 7" Galaxy Tabs in the wild, so that one can't be doing that poorly either.

As I look over the list one last time, I have to wonder if this guy even bothered to think about any of the tablets or if he just slapped the list together after a brief glance through BestBuy's website. I think the latter.

via eWeek

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3 Comments on Check Out This “10 tablets That Deserve to Die” List

  1. I think that a list of ten that should die is just plain bad for the industry as an idea. If he just ranked tablets or reviewed them, it would make much more sense. Most on that list except for two are solid devices. This Christmas will be the telling time for Android to step up and take a chunk of market share. There will probably be a nice price war going on.

    The Transformer would most likely be the one I would get too.

  2. I have a Transformer and rate it quite high. That being said, it suffers from a lack of promotion by the manufacturer which limits sales IMO. Too bad as I believe that it gives Apple a true competitor.

  3. I just wanted a laugh, so I did read it, despite your recommendation!

    First of all, he has something against 7″. So, all 7″ are doomed to die. Second, “If a better-known company offered up the Transformer, the device might have sold better.” Hmm, Asus, is a very well known company. Or is that in Europe only?

    He’s just a pro-apple person. And nothing can stand in the way of the Ipad and thus shouldn’t even try… The “I want to have a choice” thing just doesn’t ring a bell with him…

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