Kobo Touch Available Soon in the Netherlands

It looks like Kobo’s expansion into the Dutch ebook market has firmed up a little in the past month; they’ve just announced a new retail partner for the Kobo Touch.

Netherlands based bookseller Libris will be carrying the KT on 30 January, with  retail of 129 euros. You”ll be able to find the KT both on their website and in stores, long with  selection of covers. They will also be Kobo’s ebookstore partner in the Netherlands.

Kobo has in fact been carrying Dutch ebooks since mid-2011, and they have been selling them since December 2011. That makes today’s launch a tad anti-climatic.

I would appreciate it if someone could check the Dutch Kobo store and tell me how many titles are available; their website won’t show them to me because I’m in the US.

Update: Kobo has a policy of not showing ebooks to customers if the customer cannot buy them. That is wht I ws referring to.

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Zetmolm24 January, 2012

    I think the reason you don’t see the Dutch books is not that you’re in the US but simply because they did not make them available yet through the menus. I am in the Netherlands, and when I search for all Dutch books the site shows the 28 freebies. But when I search for specific Dutch titles (e.g. ‘Familieportret’) the book turns out to be there. I think this is because the Dutch webshop has not been officially launched yet; that will happen mid February.

    ‘Anti-climatic’? I don’t know what the climate has to do with this 🙂 but this is a major development on the Dutch market. For the first time there is a serious challenge to the leading position of bol.com in the ebook market, and the leading position of Sony on the ereader side.

    1. Nate the Great24 January, 2012

      I also cannot see the German language titles, not even the ones available in my region. My best guess is that Kobo is using a particularly unsubtle form of IP address checking.

  2. Zetmolm24 January, 2012

    I just searched in another way: on the Home page just leave the search field empty and then click Go. Then a Refine Your Search frame appears on the left, with a By Language section at the top. I can search for 6 languages:

    Dutch: 4892 Results
    English: 1821380 Results
    French: 231176 Results
    German: 81935 Results
    Italian: 40775 Results
    Spanish: 22275 Results

    And so the total number of books on Kobobooks.com is 2441191

    This does not work for you?

    BTW, bol.com claims to have 10774 Dutch ebooks., just over twice the number that Kobo currently has.

    1. Nate the Great24 January, 2012

      Interesting. That blank search technique didn’t used to work. I had tried it before. Thanks!

  3. Anthony24 January, 2012

    This would be my favorite e-reader if it only had dedicated page turn buttons.

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