The Morning Coffee – 25 January 2012

The Morning Coffee - 25 January 2012 Morning Coffee Here are  few posts I'm reading this morning.

  • Barnes & Noble: We’re ‘Not Competing’ With Independent Bookstores (MocoNews)
  • E-Book Bummer: Growth Slower Than Thought—‘Incremental, Not Exponential’ (Paid Content)
  • Hard work of publisher restructuring begins – and the #1 reason many will fail (eReport)
  • ALA Midwinter 2012: Adding Kindle Compatibility Expanded OverDrive’s U.S. Library Network by 36 Percent (Library Journal)
  • News aggregator wants to "make Facebook out of Google" to bring content to consumers (TechCrunch)
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  1. “Barnes & Noble: We’re ‘Not Competing’ With Independent Bookstores (MocoNews)”

    I’ve never been a fan of B&N book stores. The ones in my area are huge but with less actual books than Borders or Waldenbooks had. I appreciate that they are a retailer trying to stay alive in a world that offers a lot of other media choices. But I think Hilt was dead on when he said digital purchases don’t preclude print book purchases. I buy both. I will continue to buy both. But the pricing scheme drives me crazy.
    I even bought a hardcover book at B&N last week. Something I haven’t done (from them) in years. Of course it was 80% off so I guess that doesn’t’ help them (or the poor author) much.
    My advice to B&N would be: If you don’t want people browsing at the store and then buying at Amazon (or in my case Google) then make your store less like Amazon’s website come to life, and more like a bookstore. The real estate for books just keeps shrinking and shrinking. This doesn’t draw me to the store very often.

  2. Your new site design is painful, talk about awful contrast, color palette and the lack of margins.

    • I wasn’t all that thrilled with the accent color, either, and it’s gone. But the width is in the same range as a lot of blogs these days.

      What awful contrast?

      • You wrote: “But the width is in the same range as a lot of blogs these days.” All that demonstrates is that (a) you are a follower and not a leader :), (b) terrible ideas get adopted by others, (c) other bloggers don’t much care about their appearance, professionalism, or their readers, (d) . . .

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