The Morning Coffee – 3 February 2012

The Morning Coffee - 3 February 2012 Morning Coffee Here are a few posts that I am reading this morning.

  • Apple’s iBooks Push Raises 6 Big Questions About The Future Of E-Publishing (Fast Company)
  • Can bells and whistles save the book? (Salon)
  • E-book popularity rising, UR students not following trend (Campus Times)
  • One “feature” too many, and Kobo finally ruins its iOS app (BookSprung)
  • The power of paper in a digital era | Robert McCrum (The Guardian)
  • What are we waiting for? (ebooks in Denmark editorial) (FutureBook)

P.S. If anyone finds these posts useful or you can suggest a way to improve them, please leave a comment. Thanks.

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4 Comments on The Morning Coffee – 3 February 2012

  1. I like these posts, pointing me to some new sites I hadn’t checked out before. Thanks.

  2. I really enjoy the posts. You find interesting things that I would not take the time to go looking for myself. As a new e-book reader and e-book device purchaser, and as a former librarian, you tickle my book fancy with info about e-reading and books and publishing. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

  3. Love the Mornimg Coffee. Always at least one article that interests me, usually more.

  4. Yeah, I like the morning coffee. I don’t always read all of the articles, but it’s nice to have a little selection. I read the blog a lot. Today I was intrigued by the Kobo article you pointed to. I have a Kobo Touch. I’m *not* going to update it to the latest version of their firmware because… I don’t like my appliances to advertise at me. I want it to read books that I bought. Carry on.

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