What Print Books Are Reduced To Now

What Print Books Are Reduced To Now Books as Art This might be the last bookstore in Hoboken. An independent on the Washington Street main strip. And this is what was in its main window this morning:

Even though I’m no longer a friend of printed books, it still bothers me to see that being done to them. At some point in the future, some eejit will buy one of those and a discussion like this will take place:

Person 1: “Oh, I see you bought a book.”

Person 2: “That’s not a book. It’s a sculpture.”

Jesus wept.

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  1. While I agree with your sentiment I have to admit the book art is pretty clever. I’m fortunate. In my area independent book stores have been undergoing somewhat of a resurgence. Granted it may be short lived but after the closing of Borders and a large well established local bookseller that had several locations it has spawned opportunity. We have no less that 50 in the greater Milwaukee, WI area if you include used book stores and the 1/2 dozen comic book stores. There are many specialty bookstores that are genre specific like Mystery books or Poetry etc.

  2. Brings up the old question again: what is a book?
    Is it the dead tree pulb bundle? Or the content?
    I don’t feel comfortable looking at those images but I do wonder; what if anything is printed there?
    Might those be advance reader copies of the Snooki novel? 😉

  3. Sad…It’s good to hear, though, of all the bookstores in WI.

    But I was told by a friend who had studied Great Books at St. John’s College that ages ago, when written language began to replace oral tradition, people similarly lamented a great loss of intellectual capital. When people actually stop reading, let’s worry. Someday we may all have words beamed directly into our brains, and at that point, ereaders will seem pretty quaint. As long as a need for print books exists, people find ways to make them and buy them. Isn’t there a POD book vending machine on the Harvard campus, or did I make that up?

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