Brazil: 11 Thousand eBooks & Counting

Brazil is being totted as the next major ebook market, and it still has some ways to go. But as of today, we at least know where it is now.

The digital publishing experts at Simplissimo have just compiled a report. Based on their polling of major Brazilian ebook retailers, they now estimate that around 11,000 titles are being sold as ebooks in Brazil.

The survey was conducted back in January. According to their figures, Gato Sabido is the largest Brazilian ebook retailer with 7,292 ebooks in Portuguese. Saraiva, a Brazilian media retailer, came in second with 6,058 titles. Amazon, who hasn’t yet opened a local Kindle store in Brazil, came in third (3,849 titles in Portuguese).

But when it comes to publishing ebooks, Saraiva takes the lead. They have over a thousand titles out now, and they actually have more of their own titles available via Gato Sabido than their own ebookstore.

I’m still waiting to see if I can get a copy of the report. I’ll post a link if and when I can. I’m still searching for a good set of statistical data on the Brazilian market, if I find it I will post that too. But let me give you a perspective on on how small ebooks are in Brazil.

There are 11,000 ebooks now on the market, but there are over 52,000 titles published each year in Brazil (the backlist probably measures in the low millions). This market is still in its infancy.


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  1. Piotr Kowalczyk3 March, 2012

    I prepared a report on ebook market in Poland after I’ve read this report over at Futurebook. Expected Brazil to be much more advanced, actually.

    In Poland there are 17,000 ebooks in epub and 8,000 in mobi. The mobi format is increasing extremely fast in the recent months. We are switched to Kindle ecosystem. There are as much as 60,000 Kindles in our country and publishers just have to adjust.

    The full report is available at Ebook Friendly:


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