Is B&N Having Production Issues With the Nooklit?

Digitimes is reporting that B&N’s manufacturing partner is having trouble with getting the front light component to attach correctly to the screen, and this might be the one rumor that they’ve gotten right all year.

According to their sources, B&N’s supply chain partners (who have been assembling the component in Taiwan) have been seeing a higher than expected failure rate on the new screen. It sounds like B&N may have rushed the new device into production before they worked all the bugs out.

I don’t usually put any weight in Digitimes’ rumors, but this one looks to have some corroborating evidence. The Nook Glow is currently out of stock at B&N, and they’ve been having a supply issue for a couple weeks now. “Issue” might actually be an understatement; I’ve heard from several different people that they had a lot of trouble getting one (now I regret having killed mine). I couldn’t even get a replacement when I took mine back; the 4 units on hand were all spoken for.

But I’m not so sure that Digitimes is correct in their explanation for the shortage; I’ve gotten hints that there might be a solution in the works for the fragility issue. And to be honest, I think it more likely that B&N’s only supply issue with the Nook Glow is that they can’t make them fast enough.

In any case, we’re going to have to wait and see.

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  1. Mike Cane23 May, 2012

    The teardown showed that tape covered the LEDs. It could also be that they are having problems correctly aligning the lights so that they evenly bounce off the screen protector. All of it sounded too good to be true, and now the GOTCHA! has appeared.


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