Amazon Releases New Update For K4 – Beware!

Amazon’s cheapie ereader got a little update love today, and I’m a little worried about one of the new features. It looks like Amazon is going to give the Kindles the same security as found on the Kindle Fire, which got a troublesome update a few weeks ago.

This update adds support for KF8, Amazon’s new Epub-like ebook format as well as improved fonts which will reportedly have a higher contrast and be crisper so that you’ll be able to enjoy a more paper-like reading experience. The update also includes support for Kindle Text Pop-Up and Kindle Panel View, 2 of the more subtle parts of the new KF8 format.

As great as the above sounds, there is one potential problem included with all the cool features. After you install this update you’ll be able to lock down certain aspects of your Kindle, access to the web browser, Kindle Store, and your online archive of bought and uploaded ebooks. That’s exactly what the Kindle Fire Got a few weeks back, and Amazon still hasn’t fixed the problems it caused.

You can find the update on the Kindle support pages or you can wait for it to be sent out over the next few weeks. I’d look into setting the password before you install this update. Or you could plan on disabling the new security feature as soon as it’s installed. (Better safe than sorry.)

My K4 is not in the same state as I am at the moment, so I cannot test the new features. But I’m looking forward to reading reports about the new stuff.


Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Mathieu P.4 June, 2012

    So I went to my Amazon store (Amazon France) and found the update. I followed the instructions and all went fine. Now I have a “Airplane Mod” with a little plane in the top right corner near the battery icon. I went to see the new parental control settings and find them disabled by default. Also found the new directories for Archives and Dictionaries.

    I really hate how they translated all the options. I’m always asking myself if the option is enabled or disabled since when it is enabled, it says disabled at the right of it(well in my case, the french translation of disabled), but well it’s the same as the last version.

    Thx again for all your news and info!

    Mathieu P.

  2. DavidW5 June, 2012

    I updated my kindle 4 last night. The parental controls are disabled by default, and you must manually enable it and then setup a password to use it. What happened with the Kindle Fire won’t repeat here.


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