Kindle for Android Updated With Better Tablet Support

Amazon rolled out another update for the Kindle Android app yesterday. If you are reading on a large screen tablet then you will very much want to get this update.

In addition to the usual bug fixes, tweaks, and improvements, this update adds something that I’ve been wanting to see for years now.  The Kindle Android app finally supports a 2 column mode when you’re reading in landscape mode. Note that it only works in landscape mode, not portrait mode, but it is much better than nothing.

Like any reading aesthete, I used to despair over the way the Kindle app displayed text in landscape. The lines were far too wide to be read comfortably on a 10″ screen, and that limited me to only reading while holding my tablet in portrait mode. While that is a workable option it never fit with how I wanted to use the the tablet. And to be honest, even on a 7″ tablet the lines of text were too wide before this update.

This update also adds some customization options (margin and line spacing).

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  1. Sweetpea14 June, 2012

    I like the new line spacing and margin option. I can now give it a wider margin (do you mean the lines are too wide if you’re in portrait?) and I like a larger line spacing. Now add the ability to put my books into a folder structure away from the Kindle app location, and I might actually use the app…

  2. Zane21 June, 2012

    Which tablet is being used in the above screenshot?

    1. Nate Hoffelder21 June, 2012

      The screenshot is from my Asus eee Pad Transformer.

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