iPad Mini: I Still Say FAKE!

iPad Mini drawings reveal design details: 7-inch screen, thin design, and 19 pin connector confirmed

And I still say FAKE!

I am not going to believe any of these leaks until I see something that convinces me these originate from Apple.

I am so far not convinced.

I think these are pipedreams from Chinese case manufacturers.

Does everyone have memories so bad that they can’t recall just last year?

See this: WHOA: Did This Accessory Maker Just Leak The iPhone 5 Design? [PHOTOS]*

And see this: The nine most-revealing iPhone 5 case leaks

Everyone was so damn certain we’d get an iPhone 5 with a “teardrop” shape and “edge-to-edge screen.”

And what did we wind up with?

The iPhone 4s!

So no.

I will continue to stand here and say, NO! NO! NO! All of you are wrong!

It will be the paper iPad Mini and nothing other than that.


  1. fjtorres12 July, 2012

    Unicorn 2012, huh? 🙂

  2. iPad Mini Now Rumored to Look Like iPod Touch, Not iPad - AppNewser15 August, 2012

    […] sources have indicated that the iPad Mini schematics which leaked last month, and were widely believed to be fake, might indeed be the real thing: We received a number of tips over the last few weeks from sources […]


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